You go Fiona Hill, tell GOP & Jordan what's what.

Well, listening to Fiona Hill’s response to GOP questioning was refreshing. Gives a little hope.

Rachel Maddow reads highlights from the transcript of the testimony of former senior NSC official Fiona Hill before the House impeachment committees, including details of Donald Trump's Ukraine scheme being implemented and stern admonitions to take the Russian threat seriously and not be distracted by specious conspiracy theories. Aired on 11/08/19.
Testimony Of Fiona Hill, Ex-White House Russia Policy Official November 8, 2019

released deposition -

‘Hateful calls, conspiracy theories’: What Fiona Hill told impeachment investigators


Hill grew exasperated as Republicans pressed her on the origins of the theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, saying it was a false distraction and a “rabbit hole” that’s playing to Moscow’s advantage.

“It doesn’t mean to say that other people haven’t also been trying to do things, but the Russians were who attacked us in 2016, and they’re now writing the script for others to do the same,” Hill said. “And if we don’t get our act together, they will continue to make fools of us internationally.”


Hmmm, Jordan?

Yeah, that Jim Jordan, GOP junk yard bull dog, and wrestling coach,

Have you noticed how repubs are so often involved in pedophilia issues or in some kind of enabling of pedophilia? Yet they don’t want a single fetus to ever not make it to being born. Is that because they want the biggest crop possible of potential victims?

Funny fella.

Actually it’s an example of those superior Religious Morals, stuff that evolution doesn’t teach humanity.

Those religious morals don’t seem superior to me. They arose from some people from another era, inventing a God, replete with his own declarations of morality. Then that invented system of morals established by the invented God, has further suffered the impositions of spurious interpretation over time and of modern day in the light of contingencies such as the wealth-creating religious interpretations of the religious right and their newly found moral relativity, which is accepting of morally reprehensible behavior that is supposedly and conveniently in the service of the greater good of having political power.




Wow, I wrote a full five line run on sentence in that last post. Forgive me fellow participants.