Immigration investigation

The lifting of Title 42 is a hot issue. Lots of disinformation. When someone testifies before congress, it adds some legitimacy, but when I look up this story, I only get hits on far right, non news sites. This link is a committee transcript

Testimony by Tara Lee Rodas for The House Judiciary …

It’s all accusation, no evidence. Her statements could easily be checked by anyone on law enforcement. I can’t find anything saying she actually reported this to anyone who could do something about it.

But, that’s not needed for people who only want to hear the accusation and don’t care about facts

I must confess; I knew nothing about their suffering un�l 2021 when I volunteered to help the Biden Administra�on with the crisis at the Southern Border. As part of Opera�on Artemis, I was deployed to the Pomona Fairplex Emergency Intake Site in California to help the HHS Office of Refugee Resetlement reunite children with sponsors in the US.

Interesting that a criminal enterprise would accept volunteer workers.
I believe that the current system was installed under Trump and any effort by President Biden has been thwarted by the Republican Congress that adores Trump.

This is the current Republican strategy . Keep all the terrible laws passed by Trump and blame Biden for all the poor outcomes.

The National Debt is a case in point. Trump ran up an outrageous budget defifit while raising the national debt 3 times. But now that this Trump spending needs to be paid the Republicans have turned into a deadbeat congress , refusing to pay for the debt they created.
Oh yes, they want to install future budget restrictions for social services to pay for the tac-cut for the rich. If an individual did this with his credit card he/she might end up in court being sued for failing to pay a legitimate debt. Neat huh?

Nobody mentions that Biden has cut spending by trillions.

FACT SHEET: The President’s Budget Reduces Deficits by Nearly $3 Trillion Over 10 Years

But he gets blamed for Trump’s large-scale swindles.

Sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out.

A friend of mine linked me to video of this. When I googled it, all the hits were fake news sites. That’s evidence to me that there’s nothing of substance. Funny thing is, he does the opposite, if it’s reported by the mainstream, he suspects it’s a lie.