Right Wing Conspiracy

Remember when Hillary stated there’s a vast right wing conspiracy in play? I think she’s right and here’s proof: Mitch McConnell stating the IRS targeting conservative groups is indicative of a larger effort by the administration. He’s playing out the plan even though the Cons have been exposed. The IRS person who targeted Tea Party groups was a Conservative Republican! This was a false flag operation that went wrong (no one was supposed to find out). Utter scumbags.

“The IRS person who targeted Tea Party groups …”
If you’re saying stuff like this it indicates you either need to dig deeper into what is known about the IRS screening of nonprofits or else wait for journalists (meh) and Congressional investigations to bring more to light. What we know now does not reflect well on the IRS. And it hints at involvement from the Obama White House. The “Right Wing Conspiracy” frame isn’t a good fit for this case.