IG determines FBI's Russia probe was justified

Obviously, however, Trump cronies don’t accept the facts of the case and still have the exact same opinion they had before they investigated the investigators. The Russia probe was a witch hunt, illegally started to crucify Trump, politically motivated at every level, by every person involved. They started the investigation to prove what they already knew was true. The investigation says that isn’t true, so obviously that investigation is also flawed. Now what? Do we waste more taxpayer dollars investigating the investigators who investigated the investigators who investigated Trump? Do we just keep going until Republicans get the result they want?

This reminds me of the multiple Republican investigations into “voter fraud”. You may not remember any of them. If not, there’s a good reason for that. None of them found squat, so they were all ended before any conclusions to that effect could be released. And since we don’t have a conclusive “In person voter fraud is almost nonexistent” they get to keep claiming that millions of Illegals are voting, every one of them for Democrats, in a vast Democrat conspiracy where Manuel shows up at the voting booth with hundreds of disguises and just keeps going to the back of the line with a new disguise and voting again. They just never accept a result they don’t like. It pisses me off a little. Or a lot.

Now how do we get Republican to acknowledge such facts?

T rump has a hand in the Barr. (fake-A.G. Barr that is) Barr didn’t have time to read the IG report before he put out a statement that he didn’t agree with it. He also, apparently, had one of his other investigators make a statement (during the middle of a current investigation, that so far his investigation does not support the outcome reported by the IG).

The T rumpists will not stop these diversions from the truth.

T rump is a master of skirting the law. One big tactic that works well for him is using the legal system itself to delay delay delay until the issue becomes moot.

It is clear to me, that the most likely outcome is that T rump will go unpunished for what he is doing in Ukraine (yeah he hasn’t even stopped the current crime - he still has Giuliani working on fabricating dirt (or more correctly, getting Russian made up conspiracy theories and other propaganda on the Bidens thru Ukraine). When the impeachment process is done, T rump will be howling about how he once again is exculpated of all wrongdoing, and has again defeated the “witch hunters”. Therefore we will have a POTUS who can, does, and will continue to invite foreign powers to do things that will help him get re-elected. He will have the power of the Presidency, undeterred by considerations of what is legal. No one should have that power. But T rump does. He will use it to try to remain POTUS another four years.

Ted Cruz is a scum bag, but not a stupid scumbag like some T rumpists, e.g. Gomer, Kennedy. But as smart as he is, he has decided to throw in with the obsequious T rumpists. He was, just today, touting how the Ukraine interfered in our 2016 election. (a Putin talking point) This means that Cruz has chosen to fall in with the winner, who he expects to be T rump, without regard for what that will do to the nation that he chose to call home. (He was originally a Canadian.)

Our democracy/republic “…stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true.”

How do we remain true? Confront lies. Speak the truth.

Now how do we get Republican to acknowledge such facts?
Republicans acknowledge only facts that they agree with. That's why we need voter ID laws so Julio doesn't show up at the booth with a thousand fake mustaches and just keep getting back in line!