Retired fighter pilot Amy McGrath takes on Mitch McConnell.

Here are two articles about your questions on ingredients, not that you will get anything from them.

So, I was joking a little about plastic in shakes, but still, a world with less additives would be preferable. The lactose intolerant part is not about additives, that’s actually natural, but I was talking about a fantasy world. To explain the joke, if I start fantasizing about a more natural world, that could mean one without helpful medicine, so be careful what you wish for.

As for not understanding my link with prices, it’s called averages. The link still refutes your anecdotal evidence about burgers going from $4 to $6.

The hamburger going from $4 to $6 came from the kid working at the fast food restaurant. That is not the point I was going after. It was the “the recessionary gap” was the point. The government goal is to have 2% inflation. So why not place everything on a 2% increase starting January 1st of every year? Wages and the cost of everything would go up 2%. What is happening is that costs goes up and the wages stay the same. This causes hardships if your income does not keep up with inflation.

Thank goodness that I at least don’t live in a state where Amy McGrath is a thousand times better political pick than her putrid opponent.

If I did, I would vote for her. I would not celebrate her winning, but I WOULD celebrate Moscow Mitch losing.

Check out this new book, “Moscow Mitch and the Forgotten People”