abducted by aliens?

I can’t say for sure what happened on that night or the other nights where more explainable things happened because there is 0 way to know for sure if I was just dreaming or not… but I thought I’d come here to share my story… if this reads badly I’m sorry every time I try to type this story up my mind enters this state of I shouldn’t or complete writers block… I am a usually focused person and just now writing this I stopped to rub my hand with my thumb for 15 minutes before snapping back to typing… and again I just stopped to do nothing… I have set a stop watch to see how long this takes me and will give time updates because how long this is taking me is unnatural I could’ve almost finished by now but I’m still just on the intro, I really want to tell this story but it’s like my body and mind is being forbidden to… but here we go I’ll stop with the extra things… I really want to write this with the first experience I ever had but I can’t and I just want to get out what I can until I can’t fight the urge to stop anymore… I know nothing about abduction or aliens though I do like the ghost side of the paranormal… but here is my story… it took almost an hour to get the intro out…


The most recent possible abduction experience was the most intense, around a month ago my mom was on vacation with my stepfather and I was home with my older brother and our dad was keeping an eye on us (staying the night for the two weeks and checking in throughout the day) and we were in the middle of those two weeks and I was sat on my bed with the door closed, blind open and it was around 9 pm and going dark , I was eating and had the urge to put my food down by my bed and go to sleep… which later i found weird as I’ve had extreme insomnia since I was 7 years old and most nights don’t even sleep until 4 or 5 am, I wasn’t hallucinating or sleep deprived at the time… anyone with chronic insomnia knows their own personal stages of sleep deprivation and for me day 1 to 4 without sleep i feel normal, day 4 to 8 i will be mildly uncomfortable and 8+ days is when a regular persons sleep deprivation symptoms set in, my longest without sleep is 15 days and I was hospitalized but during this experience I had slept the previous night so I was NOT tired at all and midway through my meal I just set my plate down and fell right to sleep… right into a dream, a completely black space and I don’t mean it was a room it was black all around in every direction you looked it was identical… all I can relate it too was a black version of family guy’s depiction of purgatory, with a black slick bar with stools and a red couch with a glass coffee table in front of it and a bartender, he was stood behind the bar cleaning glasses and he said something along the lines of “You’re here! I’ve been waiting for you… what do you want to see” and I thought i was lucid dreaming or something and I went through two dreams about exactly what i thought about unfortunately I don’t remember the dreams I actually had but woke up after both of them just to fall back into that bar the moment I closed my eyes for the bartender to say “what next boss?” or something similar, he instantly reminded me of Gabriel from the tv show supernatural… sorry for the odd pop culture references but i thought it while still in it so i thought i’d mention it… half way through the second dream i began panicking for some reason and I woke up gasping and fell back into the bar and the bartender would say “what next?” and began listing things and he looked me dead in the eyes and saying “aliens?” and then my heart dropped and my eyes opened it was bright and i was still face down how i fell asleep but being pulled up off my bed, i could feel the pressure of my body being lifted towards the window which starts halfway through my queen size double bed and continue beyond the end of my bed i felt the pressure on my head and neck like that part of me wasn’t being lifted yet or maybe it was and had the lowest strength of the pull on it, I am a 6’4 very thin male so to feel like my whole body was being lifted and moved towards a window was absolutely horrifying, i was trying to scream in the dream but i couldn’t barely even breathe and what i would assume to the force pulling me felt almost like it was causing all my joints, bones, muscle everything to go stiff and paralyzed and the attempt at screaming was stopping me at breathing the next thing i know is waking up face down on my bed shirtless and crumpled over in almost a sat up with my head against the mattress position like a prayer position… I woke up and felt an extreme sense of violation, so i texted my S/O and told them about it and they were luckily awake due to being at a party and had asked why i stopped replying so suddenly while I was out, it was 1 am and the first thing i did was get up check the windows and doors and house… and told all of my internet friends about it but I wasn’t about to call it an abduction story, can I also point out that if I sleep i dont wake up for atleast 8 hours no matter what, for example if i manage to sleep nothing wakes me up, I’ve tried to nap in the past and when that happens its a forced experience that ends up lasting 8 to 18 hours and being dreamless due to my insomnia, my brain needs all the energy it can and cant waste any of it on dream… I have been doing this for 1 hour and 15 minutes, i’ve noticed the last few times i looked at the stopwatch there’s been a 5, (15 minutes, 25 minutes, 45 minutes) and now 1 hour 15… so skip to today i am in bed… and I think of the bartender randomly and my mind tells me he is an alien, he was trying to keep me busy while they looked at me and was appearing human and letting me dream exactly what i wanted so they could lure me into a false sense of security, in my past I have experienced other things:

  1. fear of aliens without a cause (no scary stories or movies) causing me to sleep between my parents from age 5 to 9

  2. I saw this orange fan eared creature stood by my bed when I was 7 and it disappeared as i screamed

  3. I have a perfectly round ‘bone’ floating between my left thumb and index finger that showed on an xray, you can feel it from the outside and its painless

  4. I often have a feeling that I’m being watched and or that something is in my house