Putin underestimates Ukrainian toughness, resourcefulness, humor

Hmmm, you think maybe the Ukrainians are a little pissed off?

You think maybe they have good reason for being really, really pissed off at malicious Russian soldiers rampaging in their sovereign nation???

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Of course we have. There are always differences that you ignore. Show me evidence of Putin looking at what he has ordered people to do.

That’s the Daily Beast. It’s up there with The Onion.

We can’t take you seriously because you choose to ignore quite a bit, such as,

How Russia’s False Flags Set The Stage For War In Ukraine


Russian news agencies have spread dubious videos painting Ukraine as the aggressor in the current conflict. Newsy and our partners at Bellingcat found evidence of hoaxes.

As for Biden, here’s the latest,

April 4, 2022 – President Joe Biden called the atrocities committed by Russia and President Vladimir Putin in Bucha, Ukraine, a “war crime,” but said it was not a genocide, adding that he is looking into more sanctions on Russia. #CNN #News

“We failed to build a common European house,” Steinmeier said. “I did not believe Vladimir Putin would embrace his country’s complete economic, political and moral ruin for the sake of his imperial madness,” he added.

Nicely put.

The German president on his mistake in supporting Nord Stream 2

Utube bans discussion challenging western narrative about what happened in Bucha

Finland appears to be getting closer to joining the NATO military alliance despite Russia’s threat of military consequences if it becomes a member.

The country’s politicians and NATO itself have both pointed to the possibility of Finland joining soon, and a recent survey showed a majority of the country in support of membership in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

If Putin’s fear of an advancing NATO was really his excuse for invading Ukraine, could this be called a self-fulfilling prophesy?

There’s a difference between skepticism and misinformation. At CFI, we ask for evidence. A post like this avoids that and claims something has been repressed without showing what it is that has been “banned”.

I agree with you on the principle that information should be freely available. But you aren’t making any case here that information is suppressed, only that an opinion is not being allowed on a website run by a private corporation. Whether or not that’s good is a different topic.

Russian state news agency TASS reported Thursday evening that the guided-missile cruiser Moskva had sunk, citing a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Ukraine says they hit it with a missile.
Russia says it was due to an on-board fire and subsequent detonation of ammunition

So either Ukraine got a good hit, or it’s another example of Russian military “missteps” (I won’t go as far as saying ineptness)

Either way - It’s one for the Good Guys!

Mason Clark, lead Russia analyst for the Institute for the Study of War, talks with Rachel Maddow about the significance of Russia losing its navy flagship to a Ukrainian attack, and what is expected from the next phase of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

I usually like to hear both sides of the argument before creating an opinion.

So for almost 30 years I heard Putin saying “We don’t like the NATO expansion and we don’t want missiles in our border”.

I thought - okay this seems reasonable.

Then the war starts and on the second week he says “I’m not at war and these people with blood are actors”.

This is when I thought - omg this man has lost his mind.
I thought he was a diplomat but it turns out he’s a bit of a dictator.

I now hope we don’t get dragged into a nuclear WW3.

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It looks like Ukraine may be getting a fast-track into the EU

And now Sweden and Finland are talking NATO.

I fear Putin may go off the rails and order a launch… the old “If I can’t have it, Nobody Can!” mentality.

Why do I feel like I’m seeing a very bad reality show version of Hogan’s Heroes?

That’s the thing that scares me most.

Finland and Suede are thinking about joining NATO and Putin has said that he could not accept that !

Until attack against Ukraine, they were strongly against.

Sweden neutrality was part of its identity since 1815. Finland’s one was imposed in 1947, but accepted.

Russia gathers troops and threatens to nuclearize Baltic sea.

Not yet reliable enough for any serious consideration, but there have been previous rumblings about Putin’s health and state of mind… and a possible path to the end of the Ukraine war.

And it has come up again:


More reporting on Putin’s health.

“Weekend at Vlad’s” ?


Added: A longer timeline: