Putin underestimates Ukrainian toughness, resourcefulness, humor

That’s just silly. I know what was said because we have video. We have official certified statements. Where do you get your information?

Not sure I even understand this question. How would you know if a person who once existed, now doesn’t exist? If anyone disputed it, they could simply show the person, alive. The combat in Ukraine is on the ground, where the combatants can often see each other, and see the bodies afterwards.

As Emperor Palpatine said, * “Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy, and we shall have peace.”

Chilling Emperor Palpatine Quotes That Will Go Down In Star Wars History - Women.com

Indeed. Thanks for sharing.
The graphics interface on that website is pretty amazing in and of itself.

Well, this may help:

Ukrainian forces have seized part of one of Russia’s most advanced electronic warfare systems, which could reveal its military secrets, reports say.

The Krasukha-4 command module was found abandoned on the outskirts of Kyiv partly damaged but otherwise intact,

Ukraine captures one of Russia’s most advanced electronic warfare systems, which could reveal military secrets, say reports (yahoo.com)

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Several hundred Russian soldiers were forced to hastily withdraw from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine after suffering “acute radiation sickness” from contaminated soil, according to Ukrainian officials.

The troops, who reportedly dug trenches in a contaminated Red Forest near the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, are now being treated in a special medical facility in Gomel, Belarus. The forest is so named because thousands of pine trees turned red during the 1986 nuclear disaster. The area is considered so highly toxic that not even highly specialized Chernobyl workers are allowed to enter the zone.

No Geiger Counters?
Does Putin know about this? :wink:

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Russian people take refuge in humor.

“Moscow offered Kyiv to organize a meeting between Putin and Zelensky. According to unofficial sources, work for the construction of the table has already begun. »

Putin is in hell. During a leave on earth, he goes to a bar in Moscow, orders a vodka and inquires insistently if the Crimea, the Donbass, Kyiv and all of Ukraine are still “our own”. Reassured by the bartender’s affirmative answers, he asks for the bill. “Five euros”, replies the waiter.

The recent decision by the Russian legislator to ban the word “war” is thus derided: "In order to comply with the demands of Roskomnadzor [the Russian communications policeman], Leo Tolstoy’s book War and Peace was renamed Special Operation and High Treason. »

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There is a good Russian joke going around where two Russian generals sit together in the ruins of Berlin. One turns to the other and mutters “ so Goebbels won the propaganda war”

Your joke isn’t funny. That and it doesn’t make sense concerning people suffering from radiation sickness and if they don’t die now, they have an even higher rate of cancer, especially thyroid cancer and that’s not fun. Hopefully they have iodine pills with them, but somehow I doubt they do. Putin is so uncaring, but at least he didn’t kill babies this time and I know this because no one under 18 is allowed in the area.

Ukraine in dire straights. Most likely told zel to surrender

And Russia isn’t?

Contributing writer for the Atlantic Tom Nichols and former CIA Director John Brennan discuss Russia’s lack of a unified plan on the battlefield in Ukraine plan.

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I just figured they probably don’t get Kool-Aid in Russia … just steer-milk

Not just any - CNN says TOP Ukraine generals are named as traitors. Yikes!

Not a surprise that there were some lingering Russian loyalists from the previous administration.

But what of the purge under (paranoid?) Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is conducting purges of military generals and intelligence personnel, including arrests of FSB (Federal Security Service) officers, according to an analysis by the Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think tank, which cited Ukrainian officials and media reports.

Putin said to be conducting internal purge of military generals, intel personnel | The Times of Israel

A US backed “think tank” gives the game away

So you believe them when it lines up with your propaganda, and then dismiss them when they counter it.


Promoting right wing think tanks

That is cow’s game. He has no sense of the outsider’s test. Sometimes known as not seeing the plank on your own eye

Tell it to this guy.

Supper’s Ready!

In a show of hospitality, Ukrainian citizens in the besieged region of Kharkiv have reportedly been “treating” Russian troops to local delicacies—laced with poison.
At least two troops from the 3rd Motor Rifle Division of the Russian Federation died immediately after eating stuffed buns served by the residents of Izium,

Another 28 Russians are being treated in intensive care from eating the contaminated treats.
According to the Intelligence Directorate, several hundred Russian soldiers have also suffered severe illnesses from drinking poisoned alcohol while occupying the region. Ukrainian officials said that the Russian military is “writing off these cases as so-called ‘non-combat losses.’”

Russian Troops Dead After Getting ‘Treated’ to Poisoned Meals, Ukraine Officials Say (yahoo.com)

Well, at least according to “Western propaganda” …

You haven’t caught up with the captured Russian soldiers being shot in the legs and then tortured?