Psilocybin as a Possible Treatment for Depression

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@mrmhead I’ve heard some about this but haven’t researched it much. I’d like to see some hard data on how well it works. All my experience with LSD and mushrooms has been completely “outside a therapeutic environment” at a few good parties when I was a teenager. :wink:

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I’ve heard some about this but haven’t researched it much. I’d like to see some hard data on how well it works. All my experience with LSD and mushrooms has been completely “outside a therapeutic environment” at a few good parties when I was a teenager. [/quote]

I am not sure about prescribing a hallucinogenic to treat an emotional state.

I am much more in favor of marijuana that allows you to examine your psychological state and take corrective action.

Every now and then a story pops up in the news about LSD or psilocybin experiments for various psychological conditions.

In controlled , positive environments, yes I believe it could be beneficial for some … many? Of course, like anything, there are some people that would not do well with it.

There is such a stigma with it that it’s difficult to get any widespread studies. It’s nice to see the chains are loosening a bit.

“Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there’s another side to the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important—creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could.”

― Steve Jobs

As long as if a crime is committed under the influence its not used as a defence . It has cause some serious crimes and murder cases. We had one recently here but the guy was found guilty. They are very easy to get here mail order and delivered the next day.

I remember when I was young and went to Vancouver there was a field just outside of the city covered in mushrooms people had garbage bags full of them. If you went to Vancouver at the right time you could just pick them.

Both LSD and Psilocybin are thought to block serotonin receptors causing the brain to find new paths it does not normally use. The funny thing about LSD is a hour after use it can no longer be found in the blood stream.

Hence, the “New way of thinking” results.

The key seems to be choosing the right guide. In therapy, you can always stop, not make the next appointment, if you don’t like the therapist. But if your mind is altered, you might make the wrong decision. Worse, the therapist knows you are compronised. Not something to enter into lightly

No, just no. I’ve freaked out with some Rx meds and I know I’d freak out if on LSD. LSD should not be a primary treatment for those with bipolar or depression and/or PSTD. And if the doctor is even considering it s/he needs to have a serious discussion with the patient concerning the pros and cons of it. It should not go like ECT, which they tell the patient it is safe, but it is not.

When I was 14, a dentist gave me valium (one of the oldest drugs) to fill a tooth, because I was so jumpy in the chair. My mother gave it to me 30 mins before the next appt., and before the dentist even started filling my tooth, I was in hysterics (crying, screaming, messed up in general). He told me to shut up while I was sitting in the chair. I didn’t. I didn’t even relax like he had hoped I would on it and I didn’t get the tooth filled that day. My mother took me to another dentist after that. I was sent home in that condition though and after we were home, my mother threaten to slap me to get me stop (she didn’t). I calmed down a couple hours after leaving the dentist office and my mother took me to see E.T., even though I was still a bit teary and all, but more calm. I’ve never taken that crap again, but it wasn’t the last that sent me on a bad trip at the hands of a doctor.

This too. If the therapist decides to take advantage of you while you’re on, it’s easily deniable, whether it happened or not.

I did do better on SSRIs when a doctor gave anti-depression meds sometimes after my first divorce for depression and PTSD. (There was a reason for the divorce)

My point is, while some meds are OK for some people under certain circumstances and conditions, but not OK for others. It’s something that needs to be seriously discussed with patients concerning adverse affects and effects. Not everyone can do SSRIs or depakote or haldol or even penicillin even. All cards need to be laid on the table concerning meds, especially those for mood disorders or even to just calm people down. They don’t always do what doctors/dentists/psychiatrists want them to do. Sometimes things get worse.

I did antidepressants it was a SSRIs and when it set in I could feel no emotions anymore I immediately stopped and never went back to the doctor about it. I found that THC would lift the depression I think why is I was either occupied on what happened in the past and what comes in the future and not living in the moment when I had some I was in the now not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.
Or a seriously bad day at work I would come home angry and stew on it but smoke a little weed and 5 minutes later I was wondering why I got so mad over such a small thing and never think about it again.
I haven’t been depressed in 20 years. No its not for everyone but it worked for me.

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One could ease into it (LSD, Psyl.) You don’t have to do a full dose first time.
See the effects, discuss and decide if you want to go further.

Yes @mriana It (anything) is not for everyone, especially if they do not understand what to expect.

If you know what to expect, you can prepare, or be prepared for the next journey.

Kind of like skydiving. You have no idea what it’s like until you do it. Then the next time, you know what to expect and look forward to it (or some people don’t)

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I did Zoloft, highest dose possible and still be safe, but I still had emotions. Zoloft is an SSRI related to Prozac. Even so this is another good example of how others are do OK on a drug and others do not. There are some who did Prozac and became very violent. Just like the valium didn’t calm me, SSRIs didn’t help you or others. When it comes to something like LSD, we are getting into some serious stuff that can really affect people (good or adversely).

This is something else some do alright and others don’t. My older son and I have asthma attacks from people smoking it, because we are allergic to weed/marijuana/hemp/etc.

Yes, and this is why doctors need to be forthcoming as to how certain drugs COULD help a patient or how the drug COULD cause a bad reaction, either allergy wise or a bad trip or some other side effect. We don’t need only words like “Take this drug. It is safe”. We need the whole story.

I took my first and last plane trip in my life. I hated it. It was horrible. I felt every move of the plane and felt as though I was plastered to the seat, with the floor fallen out from under me, and I could not move. The stewardess asked me if I need a barf bag and my response was “I… do… not… know”. The people across from said after we landed that I was really green. I had two planes both directions and it never got better. I practically kissed the ground when I had my finally landing home. Never again, unless I’m unconscious and need to be air-vacced to the nearest hospital for some reason, because after four times up and back down again, I know what to expect and it’s horrible. Skydiving I know would be far worse. People have tried to get me fly again, even offered to pay for the plane trip, but my answer is still NO!

Oh there are dangers you have to be aware of health issues especially. The biggest danger for a Cannabis user is the thought “I’ll do it tomorrow” and of course it never gets done . I am very well aware of this issue and use it only a few hour before bed it helps with sleep.

My sister had cancer in her recovery she could not sleep. She started using an edible before bed and has slept soundly ever since its a nightly thing for her.

Getting sleep is what very well may help her beat cancer. Sleep alone won’t cure her, but it could be part of what does help.

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Oh there are dangers you have to be aware of health issues especially. The biggest danger for a Cannabis user is the thought “I’ll do it tomorrow” and of course it never gets done .

Oh that’s ridiculous. That just means you may have the wrong strain or don’t know how to handle the dosing.

Smoking has three stages. 1 or 2 tokes = happy, active. 3 or 4 tokes = physical well being, 5 tokes max = meditative, sleep. And those basics are dependent on quality.
The higher the THC content the lower the dosage.

But it is important to select for known effects and then treated with respect.
Overindulgence of anything is BAD for you.

Indica and sativa are the main types of weed that come from the cannabis plant. Indica is known for its relaxing effects, while sativa has energizing effects. Popular strains of weed include Sour Diesel, Purple Kush and Blue Dream. Hybrid strains of weed can provide both relaxing and energizing effects. May 25, 2022

Key Points: Types of Weed

Not all weed is the same. Here are some general points related to the many different kinds of weed:

  • There are two main strains of weed: indica and sativa
  • C. indica strains are relaxing and provide a body high
  • C. sativa strains tend to be energizing and provide a cognitive high
  • There are many variations of hybrid strains that combine aspects of both

Though some strains of marijuana have been described to have therapeutic effects and have been approved for medicinal use, the use of marijuana can result in dangerous side effects. [Marijuana can be addictive]

(Is Marijuana Addictive? - The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab).

It is not physically addictive like opioids, but long time use can result in psychological dependence. Never consume alcohol with MJ!

I was being funny but there is some truth to it. Smoke some before mowing the lawn and then see if you feel like doing it. Pick anything that is boring work you won’t want to do it and will say I will do it later.

I always remember the commercial on MJ you have a young man and he is saying MJ never changed me and he’s a 28-29 year old living in his mothers basement. So they even warn people of it.

The is a group of people who when they use it will stall in life and not accomplish what they could of. That is why its dangerous for young people it could cause them to stall in life and loose interest in what they planned to do.

I think you missed understood him. We aren’t talking about how many tokes of marijuana it takes to feel good. We are talking about how medications affect people and some people do have an adverse effect from marijuana. Some people like my older son and I are allergic to marijuana and can’t be around people who smoke it due to breathing issues. Not everyone can use marijuana and not everyone can use every drug out there without at least one causing them problems. That is what we are talking about. I’m not sure why you went on your tangent, except for not understanding what we were talking about.

There are always exceptions to all nedications. I am allergic to penicillin, does that mean pennicillin is not an effective antibiotic?

I was trying to draw a comparison between a hallucinogenic like psilocybin, versus the much milder and different effects of marijuana. It takes massive doses of THC to induce hallucinations.

Hallucinations may be elicited by a variety of psychoactive drugs, with variable pharmacology. That said, hallucinations are consistently observed, and, arguably, the defining feature of a subset of drugs. The primary subjective effects of classic hallucinogens (e.g., psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, and dimethyltryptamine [DMT]) are altered perception and cognition.

Note that THC used to be but is no longer categorized as a hallucinogenic.

But Marijuana is still completely misclassified as a Schedule I addictive drug, along with heroin and other “addictive” opioids.

I just don’t see how psilocybin can be used for medicinal purposes. Hallucinations do not make you feel better, they make you feel confused and I don’t think that is desirable when in a depressed state of mind.

I have tried mushrooms I did them when I was young and I did not like it I can’t imagine walking around in life high on mushrooms I don’t think I could function.But I have read stories of people where it has changed their lives so I think it a good idea to investigate rather than say no with a complete anti-drug mind because if there is something there it will be missed.

I’m allergic to penicillin too, but I never said it wasn’t effective. What I said was, doctors need to discuss possible benefits and possible side effects with patients and not insist a medication is safe, when it might not be for that patient. That’s all I said and you go off on some tangent.

From the article, they are used in a “session”, not as a daily dose to stay high all the time.
It’s the session, the one experience, that can have a lasting effect. But not as if you’re high for the next 3 months.

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