Profile of a Traitor - Senator Devin Nunes turned Russian Obligate


Nunes Questions Laid Bare As Trump Ear Obfuscation Lifts On U.S. Intel About Russia | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow points out that the new intelligence community report on foreign interference in the 2020 election names Andriy Derkach as an agent of Russia, and wonders why Republicans aren’t more troubled over keeping Devin Nunes as the ranking member on the Intelligence Committee given his unexplained interactions with Derkach. Aired on 03/19/2021.


Republican Devin Nunes seems demonstrably beholden to Andriy Derkach, is our US Senator scared of the Russians? Why? Who is Andriy

A bit of back story,

"Devin Nunes Stays Silent When Asked if He’s Been Handed Foreign Intelligence on Joe Biden SPEAKS VOLUMES"

By Manu Raju and Caroline Kelly, CNN - July 31, 2020

Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, declined to say at a closed-door meeting this week whether he had received foreign information meant to damage former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a transcript released by the committee on Thursday.
The information in question pertained to packets reportedly sent to GOP members of Congress, including Nunes, by Ukranian lawmaker Andrii Derkach – who has worked closely with President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani played a key role in the effort to pressure the Ukrainian government to publicly announce an investigation into the former vice president, an effort that led to the President’s impeachment and subsequent acquittal.
But facing questioning from Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, Nunes declined to respond.
“I guess I would request an explanation from the ranking member why he is just not prepared to respond to a simple question whether he has received materials that have been called into question that seem designed to denigrate a former vice president of the United States, but, at a minimum, to share them with the rest of the committee,” Maloney said. …

… OK, I really did make my other post using the word “obfuscate” before seeing this thread … just sayin’ ?

It’s all crap. It’s the same Russiagate.

DOD needs Russia as an enemy.



Yup Tim, it’s the same old crap! It was true then and it’s true now.

Only now, lots of evidence previously suppressed, is surfacing.

It ain’t over, til it’s over.

You may have missed this one,
<blockquote>Opinion: Sorry, Trump fans, but here on Planet Earth, Devin Nunes is no hero

Opinion by Max Boot - Washington Post

washingtonpost . com/opinions/2019/04/01/sorry-trump-fans-here-planet-earth-devin-nunes-is-no-hero/

The notion that Nunes is some kind of hero can be put to rest by reading the extensive file that the Moscow Project of the Center for American Progress has compiled on his dodgy doings. Nunes is an unscrupulous sycophant and unhinged partisan who is willing to say or do anything to protect the president.
As late as December 2016, Nunes claimed there was “no clear evidence” that the Russians had interfered in our election. Even the short summary of the Mueller report released by Attorney General William P. Barr confirms what was clear back then: that the Russians were behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. Nunes also denied that there had been any contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians. “It’s all a dead trail that leads me to believe no contact, not even pizza-delivery-guy contact,” Nunes toldThe Post in February 2017. So far, 102 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian representatives have been publicly revealed. But it’s true none of them involved Domino’s. ...</blockquote>
The details are detailed over here,
<blockquote>DISPATCH, EXPLAINERS AUGUST 10, 2018

<a href=""></a></blockquote>

CC there is no information of Russias so called interference in your links

Nunes is a traitor. So what. If there are no consequences for him, then what does it matter? The only consequence I see is that others will learn that you can do whatever you want, and at most you’ll get some bad press. Big deal. Or maybe you might get a subpoena to testify, which you can safely ignore.

Can you please define “interference”? Before continuing into the weeds.


Well, there is that Cuttbert, who gives damned that our government is at the losing end of a hostile take over?

Who cares that “honest” and “constructive educational dialogue” are considered jokes.

Humanity has always destroyed what it created - no news there - just another day in the life.

Yet, even though I believe I understand the futility more than most, there’s that imperative to live, survive, prosper, makes me bridle against the growing disconnect from reality with its self-destructive consequences. Including the normalization of unAmerican traitors strangling our government.

“Can you please define “interference”? Before continuing into the weeds.”

Yes Cc could you please be constructive and educational on what you mean by russian inteference

@missinggirl yes, there is information on Russia interfering with our elections. I even have a source for you to start with, but do a search or I can provide more if you want:

Thanks. Have you read the report?

I’m not sure where to find the intelligence report on it. I don’t think the general public can read an intelligence report- that is, I’m not sure if it’s on the internet for public viewing.

Here’s more on the interference:

Its embedded in your link

Have you read it?

As far as Nunes goes, here’s Politico’s article on it:

Then yes, I’ve read it.

Here is the report to read on or offline.

You have read the National Intelligence Council Report?

I told you I did and China didn’t interfere with our elections.

Ok. Just checking as you said you were not sure where to find the intelligence report and you don’t think the general public can read an intelligence report.

Not sure how and when you would have read it in that case.


Anyway since you say you have, could you give me couple days to read and we can come back and discuss it, objectively ? Sound ok?

missinggirl, CC refers to this

I don’t need to be an expert on Russian espionage to form an opinion.

Thank you Lausten.


Now it’s back to that ancient truism, you can lead a horse to water, but. you can’t make it drink.

It’s one thing not to have any information available, it’s a totally different game to ignore available information and pretend it ain’t there.

Back to you missy.

I’m not bothering with this discussion, even though it’s interesting, because there is too much trolling in the thread. You could say it’s some form of sophisticated sophistry, but I’d rather keep the language simple. It’s applying a standard of expertise and knowledge to your interlocutor that you are not willing to apply to yourself. It’s applying a very high standard of morality to one side but not the other. There is always a “what about” when you are talking about world leaders, it’s their job to run the military actions that kill our young people and destroy our infrastructure. If I could somehow vote that out, I would. I understand that missinggirl is bothered by the killing, but she is looking to place blame on a few names and faces, including me. There’s no logical argument that will stop her from doing that.