Pfizer calls Israel a banana republic

Is Pfizer expected to ship vaccines for free? Any contractual purchase eagreement agreement stipulates, no pay, no delivery.

If Israel has plenty money for weapons for national defense against foreign threats, they have enough money for vaccines for national defense against the Covid virus.


Pfizer calls Israel a banana republic
Hmmm, wish they would have defined Banana Republic. Perhaps they should have left it at calling the Israeli government a bunch of screwed up deadbeats. I think W4U summarizes the collective yawn rather well.
Pfizer halted a shipment of 700,000 COVID vaccines scheduled to arrive in Israel on Sunday. Pfizer stopped the shipment when Israel failed to pay for the last 2.5 million doses sent there. Israeli media reported that Pfizer staff called Israel a "banana republic" amid fears of further payment delays.

According to Reuters, the Israeli government sought to buy around 36 million more Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses, which would cost the country around 3.5 billion shekels (around $1.05 billion). But these plans - as well as a motion to approve funds to pay for the 700,000 COVID vaccines - were halted when Netanyahu and defense minister Benny Gantz got into a political tiff over judicial appointments.

Netanyahu pay your bills.

The figures, disclosed for the first time at the request from Knesset Finance Committee chairman Moshe Gafni, showed that Israel had paid a price per dose “much higher” than previously believed.

Good day for stereotypes. ?