Trump Has Covid-19

Donald Trump has been stricken with Covid-19. Certain people hate Trump but he does not deserve to have Covid-19. Nobody does. I’m not a Joe Biden supporter but I sure hope that he doesn’t get the Coronavirus.

Trump haters should remember something. President Trump gave us $1,200 stimulus payments, plus $500 per child. That money has helped a lot of good people during this terrifying and horrible pandemic.

I realize that Trump isn’t the greatest president we’ve ever had. If I were to say that he’s another Abe Lincoln, I would be a liar. He’s no Abe Lincoln and neither is Joe Biden. Trump has some flaws but so do all people (and that includes Joe Biden). Trump isn’t perfect and you and I aren’t perfect either.

I think this is the perfect line on trump

Given his role in downplaying the virus and disparaging the use of face masks, he is like an arsonist who has inadvertently set himself on fire.

All it did was give him another way to downplay the virus. If you get it you can just take your presidential helicopter to your private floor of one of the best hospitals in the country where your team of doctors will procure experimental drugs not available to ordinary people. And then you can go back to your home where your private doctors can use the fully equipped medical wing of your house to address any minor needs which might arise. It’s no big deal. Why wouldn’t you do that? The moment one of your daily tests comes back positive and you have another test done to confirm the results just spend millions in taxpayer money to make it go away. The people dying from Covid are suckers and chumps too stupid to call their 24/7 on staff doctors into the room to do something about it.