Note To Mods

I just tried to start a new thread in the science section.

The forum software complained the post was spam. The post contained no links or any mention of any product or service. The post was about bacteria and intelligence and CRISPR.

I tried to post it again, but it won’t let me because it’s “duplicate content” even though the post does not appear on the forum.

I guess I’ll take this conversation elsewhere for now. Thought you might want to know.


Well that stinks.


One suggestion, second time around just change the text, especially intro, so it won’t be seen as a duplicate.

At least it’s worked for me a couple time.


Of course, sometimes it might not work, who knows what’s going on with the cyber gremlins around this place. It really is a shame.

I hope we don’t lose you forever.

Tanny, if you see this. Do you have any other intelligent discussion forum suggestions?

I’d love to find some others beyond CFI, who seem to be stuck within this model T arrangement.

Do you have any other intelligent discussion forum suggestions?

Not really. The entire forum realm has been collapsing for some time. First, the proliferation of forums fragmented the audience for any topic, and then social media sites like Facebook and Twitter came along to put the nail in the coffin.

I suppose you could try if you haven’t already. If you do that, determine who the mods are as a first step, and then steer clear of them. Like all forums there is plenty of junk postings, but there are some decent conversations amidst the junk pile.

Sorry, the quote function appears to be another problem here. Sorry, I’m retired forum software developer, and probably have an unhealthy level of interest in forum bugs.

@citizenschallengev4 as I said before, the webdesigner is working on an upgrade. I really feel you will like and appreciate when he introduces it to everyone. Please stick around for the new upgrade, which will be far better than this. Yes, I’ve seen what it’s going to look like and I’m impressed. When they rolled this out, I wasn’t impressed with, but this I am.

@tanny Just found the post and told the system it’s wrong, so you should be able to see it now.

@tanny said: I guess I’ll take this conversation elsewhere for now. Thought you might want to know.
Welcome tanny,

Please stick around or put any final decisions on hold and try us later.

In spite of the problems with the engine, there is always a sincere effort by the regular posters to maintain a high standard of discussion on subjects of secular value (as per CFI goals).

CFI forum itself has been active for several decades and has an excellent history of association with domestic and international educational and scientific organizations.

It’s true, the initial attempt at updating the engine has been a dismal failure. It seems that it has many unused features that could be made available if programmed by an expert.

We are a little like the neglected child in the extended family.

We can use expertise in all important subjects and serious contributions will be treated with utmost respect and appreciation.

Could there be an opportunity here?

@mriana - Ok, thanks for that!

Whoops, I see now that I filed this whine in the wrong section of the forum. Mr. Duh apologizes for his sloppiness. Anyway, thanks to the mods this CRISIS!!! is now over. :slight_smile:

@tanny to @mriana – Ok, thanks for that!
I second that.

Yeah, just because I’m free with my criticism, doesn’t really mean I’m down CFI’s, or at least I’m not ready to give up*.

But I did want Tanny to know we heard him, now I need to look up his Comment, and see what other trouble I can get myself into. :wink:



*Heck I re-up-ed.

Cc.V.4, speaks for itself. ? ??‍♂️


@mriana – Ok, thanks for that!

You’re welcome. Glad to help when I can.