I am older than dirt

Just like my handle says. :slight_smile:

Retired from physics / engineering / computer career for many years now. Picked up an interest in discussions on religion and related discussions a while back. I am not religious myself but I find the topic interesting. I do not argue with people about their beliefs but do engage in friendly manner in discussions based on factual matters.


Welcome to CFI. Jump right in and join the conversations.

Hi @mriana and thanks for the welcome.

I made a post in another forum earlier and I see indications that it got posted but it cannot be seen in the thread. Is there a moderator delay for newbies? No problem if it is. Helps keep the spammers and the genuine wackos out.




No, there’s isn’t any delay. I’ll look in to it.

Religion and Secularism: What Is The Meaning Of Human Existence?

Found it. It seems the system thought it was “spam”, but it is now unspammed and able to be seen by everyone. Just a word of caution, the system is set up to catch spam, which includes spam links, and sometimes it mistakes some links as spam, when they aren’t. Not that links aren’t welcome. Links for info are welcomed, but technology can’t always tell the difference, so when that happens, let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Thank you!

No problem. :slight_smile:


Still having problems with getting posts to appear. Once again it is in

Religion and Secularism: What Is The Meaning Of Human Existence?

I see no reason why it should be marked as spam. It is sometimes visible and sometimes not depending on how you look for it and that is not reliable.

In addition I can find no reasonable way of quoting a post. Nor does there seem to be any way of providing markups (e.g. italics) in a word processor either by applying the markup directly onto the text or the use of markup tags. The former disappear and the latter come through as text. Plus the absence of a Preview facility makes it impossible to see the result of what one types. Although each forum site often has its own idiosyncrasies, I have never seen any like these. And I have been posting on forums since 1996, not long after forums began. All of this is amplified by the absence of a Help facility.

A final major complaint. If I leave a post unfinished for too long - perhaps an hour? - it disappears. I am not logged off. I just have an empty text box. Nothing like this happens in any other site I use, forum or not.

I really like the discussions on this site, But if these issues are not readily addressable, I will probably need to shop elsewhere.


I’ll check it out again. Hitting “B-QUOTE” to start a quote, then copy and paste beside it, and then hit the “B-QUOTE” again, is how this forum does quote. I’ve seen better ways to quote on other forums, but I don’t do the coding for this forum, so I have no control as to how quoting or other things work. I don’t think it’s created using CSS or html, which is my knowledge, but I haven’t looked into that because Mark does all of that. I don’t know about text in progress disappearing though. Not heard of that one before, but if I can’t figure out at least one of your issues, I’ll tell Mark about them.

OK just looked at the thread- both your last posts are there (the reply and test with another browser, three post total from you in that thread). Either Lausten beat me to it or something not related to the forum. It was not marked “spam” either nor was there anything in it that should have been flagged by the system. My only other option is to take your issues up with the webdesigner and see what he says.


If a post does not appear in the sub-forum thread, you may want to check your personal history in “MY ACCOUNT”. If it shows up there I have had success with copy and paste the post from there into the thread, while it is still open for edit. Worth a try.

Also, if you do any edits, give them plenty of time to cycle through the system. Especially if the post is extensive in volume, pics, and links.

Thank you everyone for your info and suggestions. I am not in a position to try anything now, including different browsers. I will when my unwanted responsibilities end, and the Hydra stops growing heads.

Interaction with this site, e.g., going from one page to another, is extremely slow regardless of browser. I am talking about minutes to go from one page to another. No other site appears to be affected. Since I do not see anyone there complaining abut this, I have to assume it is on my end, although I am running out of ideas on what. I used to be the goto guy for problem solving at work. I even taught a seminar on problem solving once. My isolation methodologies are not getting me anywhere. I will keep you posted.

It’s usually OK for me. An occasional “pause”. But certainly not minutes. I’ve seen worse.

Depending on what machine I’m at it’s either Chrome or Edge. Can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference between the two.