HELP Can anyone recommend different online discussion forum?

Every time I try posting it turns into a series of headaches sometimes stuff posts,

then it has coding suddenly plastered all over,

edit to fix and it won’t reappear.

Or after making a couple comments on different threads and moving on to the next, suddenly seems like all my posts get rejected - as though we are limited to three or four comments per session.

CFI has become worse than an exercise in futility it’s now turned into an exercise is irritation and wasted time.


Is the age of intelligent internet dialogue dead and gone?

Or does someone know of an old fashioned Discussion Forum worth visiting out there somewhere?

Unfortunately nothing like the old school CFI forums exist anymore. The other science-based forums that have been around for a long time seem to have become places for cranky nerds to discuss their hobbies.

At any rate forums have pretty much been made redundant by social media, the closest thing still going strong is reddit — which is mostly shitposting. Twitter has some interesting commentators but you can’t really have discussions with that format.

The world has moved on, but what else is new.


Dang, there’s always that one guy

It all depends on what you want to discuss. I like exploring the paranormal & popular science. For that I like The Paracast Community Forum.

I’ve seen many discussion forums dry up over the past twenty years. I assumed that it was because people were moving to Facebook and Twitter. If you do manage to find another one, count me in, too!

Since you’re not recommending this forum, what forums on FACEBOOK do you like?

I just read the rules. I wonder why so many rules. Previous rude people?

I have had the worst time trying to sign in to the site and trying to get into the discussions. I finally git some help from Mark Kriedler at CFI, and it still isn’t working properly. I get in then it asks for my screen name and password again, and it won’t accept it, even though I have copied and pasted the password. I have been trying for months to get into CFI Forums again, to no avail. If it accepts my password once, I can be sure it won’t the next time I try. The server CFI Forums uses has always had serious glitches. Nothing has changed. I wish they would use a reliable server. CFI forums has a good list of active members but it has become too unweildy to try any more. I’m embarrassed to ask Mark for any more help. I’m afraid CFI Forums is on life support and is failing fast.

I know of one: Atheism vs Christianity. It’s actually atheism vs religion, despite the name and we’ve had some interesting discussions about religion from theists of every stripe and atheists and agnostics.!forum/atheism-vs-christianity


Since you’re not recommending this forum, what forums on FACEBOOK do you like?

I just read the rules. I wonder why so many rules. Previous rude people? – Susanflorida

Rules are pretty standard. The difference in forums is how tightly enforced they are.

Yes, where to go as I feel like for the most part I’m wasting time coming here

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True social media is the future. Fast and quick but I still prefer oldschool :slight_smile:


@ susaninflorida

October 22, 2018 at 3:11 pm#295708

Since you’re not recommending this forum, what forums on FACEBOOK do you like?

Please don't misunderstand - I do recommend CFI Forum - the only real problem with it is the same one that our country and government is suffering from.   TOO FEW INFORMED AND ENGAGED CITIZENS!

I was simply curious if someone knew of something comparable but with more active and interesting participants.  Guess there must not be any.

And for all the people that pop in and say hello, why do we never heard from them again, what up??

Has every one developed such a thin insecure skin that genuine constructive dialogue is impossible???

I've been watching collective apathy increasing these past 50 years - and as soon as someone speaks up, there's right wing asshole ready to ruthlessly poking at 'em with a half dozen tactic that seem to work like a magic charm - who wants to deal with it.  Lets just leave the room.

Behold the world of 2020 the fruits of our collective apathy.

Democrats rolled over and allowed Gore's Presidency to be ripped away as though this were a f'n football game and Americans said oh well - it's all a game anyways.  What does it matter.  Well we found out how much it mattered

Cheney Bush - turning a blind eye and invited terror - then they got the surprise of their lives, but once the shock wore off they knew exactly what to do, Shock'n Awe, war profiteering and power grabs like never before.

and still no massive consolidation of rational, liberal, humane principles.

Obama pulls off the impossible, then turns out to an excellent President and as for Presidential Performance he's as grand and positive as they get.

But, then totally failed at the ground work to consolidate the notoriously fickled Hollywood eating liberal public.  To really rub in the salt the DNC decides on Hilary the most divisive political figure of our age.

Then she can't figure out how to talk with the American people - it's like she went out of her way to make herself more unlikeable.  Who cared it's only a game.

Never being able to explain what a loser and waiting disaster that trump narcissistic government hating bully Donald Trump was.

Then standing around for a year with thumbs up their asses while the Republicans refused to fill the Supreme Court vacancy and we f'n stood by and saved our grand public demonstration for after the damned ink was dry and all was lost.

Kavanaugh, I mean really not being able to enunciate that there is nothing wrong with loving Beer but that our Supreme Court of the nation was no place for an angry passionate partisan with low moral standards too boot.

And all the while the nation's people well 90% standing by silently normalizing every one of the vicious dirty tricks.

Well that turned into quite the ramble.  It's just I get so pissed at people always pointing the figure at others - it's we our collective rational, progressive community who have stood by silently, and lost all these battles.  Where were the citizen organizing and pushing there politicians i mean masses of them,  Then we blame the politicians for being wet noodles.

It takes every one of us, and too may rather stand by.  and it seems there aren't any other decent discussion forums out there.  So that means there just might could maybe possibly be something wrong with the entire community.

The moral don't blame CFI Forum, ask ourselves ...


As for Facebook, it's just doesn't seem to make sense to me, seems like a display thing, a kiosk, but no place for dialogue, it never seems to catch my attention.

That GOP trump card.