Need tips on reportedly haunted locations in the Rochester, NY region


Im a self employed paranormal investigator. Im looking for reportedly haunted locations to do videos/livestreams in in the Rochester, NY region. I want to make a youtube channel similar to Moe Sargi or OmarGoshTV. Im ok doing haunted houses, cemeteries, or just about anything right now to get some paranormal investigation experience. I know that the White lady’s castle in Irondequoit is reportedly haunted but i need more places to explore.

Drive about 200 miles east then take a left and drive until the road ends. Don’t bring a cell phone, it scares them.

Just get some friends together, tell each other stories, come up with a place to go, spend a week or so psyching each other up about it, go there are night while talking about all the amazing things you might see, turn off all the lights and split up, BUT make sure you travel in pairs for safety because it’s scary to have to take safety precautions. If you did all that right you’ll see something whether it’s there or not.