Can a spirit move out of one house and into the house next door?

Ok so I have a serious question. My girlfriends house appears to be haunted and she’s aware of it but doesn’t pay it much attention. She’s seen things and heard things but says it slowly goes away after not addressing it. But last month the weirdest thing happened. Every night she locks the doors and activates her security system before going to bed but, this one night I think around midnight or 1 am her alarm goes off. Also to keep in mind she has a lot of her family living with her, at least 6 members 2 being children. They looked around with caution but they couldn’t find anyone, no sign of forced entry, doors closed and locked, windows all shut and locked. What really made it weird was her neighbors house which was at least an acre away had the exact same thing happen to them with only a couple minutes difference in time and their door was wide open. Police was called out and they searched the whole house and didn’t find anyone inside. They have a security camera watching the front door and they sat down to watch it with the officers and they saw the door open all the way but no one was there. The officers couldn’t believe it and the neighbors were not convinced in the paranormal, that is until the exact same thing happened again a week later with both houses. The neighbors have been feeling uneasy ever since but something happened literally an hour ago with them and I’m looking for answers. All the mirrors in their house are broken and they and going out of their minds scared. Before any of this stuff happened they never had any paranormal activity but they do now. Is it possible that whatever was in my girlfriends house moved out and into the neighbor’s house? Because she wasn’t acknowledging it’s presence? Think this is a very mischievous ghost? But my biggest question is it what’s happening at the neighbors house something that came out of my girlfriends house on its own free will?

I think you’ve come to wrong forum. Could you supply dates and police reports please.

I’m a skeptic, so I’d say that spirits can do whatever you think they can.
First, talk with police. Sounds like you have a mean prankster who knows how to mess with security systems.

Most so-called “poltergeist” phenomena are ultimately traced to pranking children. I think your girlfriend sounds remarkably clearheaded for ignoring the activity and letting it go away on its own. I notice you don’t say that any mirrors were broken in her house, and I’m certainly not accusing her siblings of anything. But do your neighbors have children? By all means keep us apprised if the police ever track down what is happening.

Of corse they can, Wfrazi0. If I were you I’d get them out of there fast. They’re out o get whoever lives there. No doubt about it. Don’t take chances. It can only get worse.

Of corse they can, Wfrazi0. If I were you I’d get them out of there fast. They’re out o get whoever lives there. No doubt about it. Don’t take chances. It can only get worse.
Yeah, but what guarantee is there that the next house won't be worse? :grrr: If they are out to get you. Well, hell they are out to get U! You can run but you can't hide. :snake:

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Believe me even you’ll feel better. :slight_smile: :kiss:

I’d say unless that home held special significance to the spirit, then no. If it’s truly a ‘repetition’ haunting, then it would only stay on the grounds of the one place. These residual hauntings would keep the spirit in one place. A poltergeist on the other hand…

Yes, absolutely whatever it is could move to the neighbor’s house. Many ghosts, spirits and dark entities have different levels of abilities.

You can watch the two videos below to learn more about what they can do and how they are doing it to both houses…


It’s unreal what these dark energies are capable of. I’ve had my fair share of them and that’s why I don’t put it past them to want to harm people too!


Good luck!