Another invader to our nation. T rump has protected us from poor families seeking asylum, but he hasn’t kept out the coronavirus that is going to kill over 100K of us USA citizens. AND NOW the NEW invader is MURDER HORNETS.

One could probably kill a small child. Several could kill you.

I’m just sayin’ that T rump is pretending to protect us from murdering rapist drug dealing Mexicans, except they are in reality mostly just poor decent people trying to find a place to survive. But OTOH T rump does not have the wherewithal to protect us from COVID-19. So is he going to protect us from the MURDER HORNETS invasion?

No he only protects us from mostly simple decent asylum seekers.

(Shouldn’t the alt-righties be asking: “How can we have a country if COVID-19 and MURDER HORNETS don’t respect our borders?”)

That’s implying that the Alt-right is capable of introspection and constructive thought - From what we’ve seen of them so far, it seems an impossible dream.

Remember the guy pointing his contempt for “introspection” - and constructively learning about physical reality.

What a shame the smart people got caught up in the party and never managed more than lip service for recognizing physical reality and and appreciating cascading consequences.


That’s what Willful Ignorance will achieve for a nation.

You go go go Republican Tea Party Totalitarians, ignore what needs paying attention to, instead ME FIRST and vandalize the rest.

Tear it all down, we can all reap the downfall like the thoughtless social bugs we are.


Btw, my alarm over MURDER HORNETS is both parody and metaphor.

I am not frightened or overly concerned that MURDER HORNETS will actually be coming for me, however, if I am ever in the presence of a live free MURDER HORNET, I might feel a wee bit panicky. You are supposed to notify the authorities if you see one.

But I think my first tendency would be to try to kill it.

Asia is really pushing its luck this year.


The MURDER HORNET can kill 40 bees a minute.

Murder Hornet Mug Shot – Do Not Approach – Consider Armed and Dangerous – Contact Authorities


Murder Hornets have been known to be-head an entire hive of bees in an hour, leaving mounds of dead bodies.

Oh the bee-anity!!

Yeah but have you seen what a Praying Mantis can do to one of them suckers?

No. Really? I would think they would need to pray extra before taking on one of those.

Eww. You’re right! The mantis holds the Murder Hornet firmly, while it wriggles futilely, as the mantis non-chalantly snacks down on the Murder Hornet’s brains.

Nicely done, mantis. I forgive your religiosity.



A guy that does research, how refreshing. :slight_smile:

A third murder hornet has been found in Washington state.—heres-what-that-means/ar-BB14TyOP?ocid=spartanntp

The discovery likely means a colony was present near Custer, Washington, in fall 2019, and that it produced many queens.

Give this Murder Hornet (a) Liberty (quarter) or Give it Death!

I vote give it death and keep the 2 bits.