What a Comedian!!!

The T rump told a funny joke at his Tulsa rally. You know, the rally that was so important for him to have, despite it being held in conditions that threatened to spread COVID-19 among the thousands of adoring attendees who ALL signed a waiver that they would not sue our DOTUS, if they or their loved ones, wind up getting sick or dying from COVID-19, (or as the T rump called it “Kung FLU”). ha haha ha ha ha ha ha… oh man! He is so funny. But that was not his best joke.

His best joke was when he was talking about testing resulting in higher numbers of people found positive for C-19. And then, he said, (get this, oh my gosh he is so funny!)… he said, “So I told my people to slow down on the testing!” ROFL! Ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Oh my gosh, how hilarious! Ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha!.. Get it? hahah ha ha. He was telling his staff to put the brakes on testing… haha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Because that will result in fewer people to know they should self isolate… haha haha ha ha ha … and that will result in more deaths of Americans! … ha ha haha ha ha ha …

to add to our already world record, haha ha ha ha ha ha!.. of over 120,000 dead! Ha ha haha ha ha ha!… oh man! What a jokester the T rump is! Who else could turn his own inadequacies that lead to the deaths of over 120,000 people, at least, into such a funny quip about telling his people to do something that would result in even MORE Deaths??? Ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

What is it that makes him so clever and funny? (I ask as I catch my breath from laughter.) What an entertainer!

Note to readers: The above statements are satirical, or biting sarcasm if you prefer. In this day and age, in the USA, it is necessary for me to label it, as such, because, unfortunately there are probably many RepugLIARS who would take it as face value, rather than as obvious sarcasm.




ok - I’m new… but I think I’m gonna like you… one question. Forgive me but what is DOTUS?


Welcome DM. We were getting a little stale around here, but I think things are looking up.