Our Monstrous DOTUS declares we are Withdrawing from the WHO

The World Health Organization. 3 things that T rump seems determined to undermine: the “World”, “Health”, and “Organization”.

He is a chaotic divider of our own country and of the world. He has the medical knowledge of a child although he seems to believe he is a genius. He has ONLY done things to undermine healthcare for Americans, and now he wants to undermine the WHO, the main entity that will be trying to fight the pandemic worldwide. T rump seems to not be content with causing more death and suffering in the USA, but also, wants to do so throughout the World.

He doesn’t really have the authority to withdraw money from the WHO that Congress has approved. But our DOTUS is above the law. So maybe he can get away with it. If he is still in power next year, there will be no “maybe” about it. He will have the Dictatorial powers to do any impulsive bizarre ideas that crosses his mind.

If that is the case, watch out for radioactive hurricanes next year.

He’s so stupid and racist, as well as sexist, egotistical, lying, murderous hypocrite. By taking the U.S. out of WHO and silencing the CDC (basically keeping them silent on the science) he will kill even more U.S. citizens.

T rump is especially promoting the deaths of more people around the World!!!, not only from COVID-19, but from other diseases that the W.H.O. deals with. This includes diseases that WILL KILL lots of children.

The re-emergence in impact of other diseases that have been held somewhat in check, could be devastating if the W.H.O. is weakened. One world-wide plague is not enough chaos, it seems, for our DOTUS. He is like the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse in one. Except his mode of transportation is upgraded from going horseback.

Just leaving WHO and silencing the CDC scientists is enough to cause more needless deaths both in the U.S. and abroad. He doesn’t care who dies, as long as he is a dic[tator] He’s evil incarnate. That said, I fear with all he is doing to block science and other information, as well as cutting us off from the rest of the world, the U.S. is headed into its own dark age. On top of it all, he wants to go back to doing nuclear tests, which sounds like he plans to blow things up if he loses the next election or at least do it in time to prevent a new president. He’s such a murderous lying criminal that I wouldn’t put anything past him. He’s totally unhinged.



The United States enhances global health security by supporting the WHO Health Emergencies programs across the globe -- from prevention through preparedness to early warning, response and recovery.

Operations in preparedness, outbreak and crisis response would not be possible without US supportin many countries including Afghanistan, Guinea, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Vietnam, and Yemen.

CDC is a key partner of the Global Outbreak and Response Network (GOARN), which enables WHO to respond to acute public health events through the deployment of staff and resources.

U.S. funding helps the W.H.O. to address the following in the world (not just COVID-19):

polio eradication (that’s right. frikkin POLIO is still in the world)

outbreak and crisis response

vaccine-preventable disease

HIV and hepatitis


country health emergency preparedness and the International Health Regulations

infectious hazard management

emergency operations

reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

access to medicines and health technologies

All of the above will fare badly in the Pandemic. This is absolutely the worst time to withdraw from the W.H.O. but he needs to try to focus blame on something other than himself, for his incompetence in dealing with the Pandemic. Again, T rump is doing this, as in everything he does. He does, at any given moment, whatever he perceives will promote his chances of remaining in office.

Lives throughout our country and the rest of the world are not a priority to him, as he expects that he can distract from death tolls, and all of his incompetence, and blame it on others, and re-tell his own version of history where he is a victim but should, in his mind, be exalted for being perfect and greater than anyone in history.

Hopefully T rump does not yet have the dictatorial power to strip U.S. funding from the W.H.O.

BTW, under Obama, the U.S. was a champion in helping the W.H.O. get the dread epidemic, Ebola under control.

T rump is too stupid and narcissistically impaired to manage something like that.


He’s smart enough to put us into a Dark Age.

True. He was smart enough, to gain the most power of anyone in the world. He is not smart enough to know what to do with all that power. In many ways he has the mind and emotions of a child.

He reminds me of that OLD Twilight Zone episode, where a young boy had the power to turn anyone into anything, or to disappear them forever, with his thoughts. So that everyone had to constantly tell him what a wonderful boy he was. But he would still cause havoc with his power, on a whim.