More data on disagreement

The one thing we agree on, is that our disagreements are dangerous


Americans 67 - 29 percent think the nation’s democracy is in danger of collapse. This is a 9-point increase from Quinnipiac University’s January 12, 2022 poll when it was 58 - 37 percent.

"In a rare moment of agreement, Americans coalesce around an ominous concern. Democracy, the bedrock of the nation, is in peril,"added Malloy.

The hostile take over of our government by the ultra-rich corporatists has deep roots and many avenues.

Jan 5, 2022

I wonder if there are any polls about whether people even care.

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Probably, but who cares?

Besides, we know the Hollywood Boob Tubes has managed to get most American strung out to the point, they don’t know up, from down, left, from right.
Just keep that happy distraction IV dripping and in my dream sometime I too can be as rich as Musk, just gotta wish harder than I have been.

…and post to Instagram. My wife got me hooked on it after not being interested for so long. And one thing that amazes me, to your point, is how many people post videos about me me me (them them themselves :slight_smile: ). My god there are so many self-centered people thinking the world gives a shizz about them and are interested in how they do their hair, how they ride their skateboards, etc etc.