How bad does it have to get?

Not sure what to comment here. We came so close to losing the democracy

McConnell has already made the switch; " Mitch McConnell says African Americans vote just as much as ‘Americans’

I guess all White Americans are Americans. All other colors are hyphenated by ancestral country of origin.

I could actually defend him, as if he misspoke, but he’s lying. Minorities are under represented, even with the recent gains. I’m sure he knows those numbers.

Let me get this straight, being a slave in America, doesn’t give them the right to call themselves Americans?

Statistics on Slavery

Throughout colonial and antebellum history, U.S. slaves lived primarily in the South. Slaves comprised less than a tenth of the total Southern population in 1680 but grew to a third by 1790. At that date, 293,000 slaves lived in Virginia alone, making up 42 percent of all slaves in the U.S. at the time. South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland each had over 100,000 slaves. After the American Revolution, the Southern slave population exploded, reaching about 1.1 million in 1810 and over 3.9 million in 1860.

Bacon’s rebellion is one the most important turning in America, and not well known

How bad things must get like this ? It’s just the beggining the next election isn’t about who fixes America it will never be fixed because neither democrats or republicans can do anything. Remember what Rockefeller said.

See this is the simplest explaining of the elite they want A crisis but people ask yourself what crisis is the worst in the geo politicla scenario ? Iran war, the war in Korea, or the war between Russia and European Union, the war in Venezuela, or the war in Afganistan ?

People the scenario can always change the media decides which war is important you must ask yourself where will the elite win the most money ? Follow the money you must always follow it. Know what does Russia want ? To have it’s lands back to them Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries it fell apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The one who can give it back to them is the federal bank this ploy to return the countries to mother Russia is what the Russia wants but still. Understand that Russia is force tow ar with European Union to break it to force the breaking of the Union because people when it happens the stock market will go down and prices skyrocket to 1023 % percent.

People ask yourselves what deals have been made without our consult of the elite of USA, Russia, and EU they stolen elections before and try to seize data blame it on the opposing party. You will see people democracy has been always undermined by masonery. If Donald Trump would of went to the supreme court he would of won the case but went to Pelosi in the senate and was voted even Mike Pence could overturn it but really it was Pelosi after the supreme vote that would gain not Trump. People it is no secret Mike Pence had power to overturn the election knowing everything was fraud but he let things go like the masonery planned that they wanted Donald Trump out.

If Pelosi forced Mike Pence to overthrow the elections and made Mike Pence president there and then she would take political power from him and usurp Mike Pence she and the democratic masonery would of had control over the presidency but Mike Pence and republican masonery didn’t let it happen.
cap´´itoal attack

That is why the assault on the capitol was planned not by Trump, republicans, or people bewildered but Pelosi to stage crisis and blame it on Trump when it happen Pelosi lost her laptop and no one has returned it she had important secrets stashed their and what happened afterwards was to make Trump be the one who is blamed and take the power from him. Thier things still unexplained in that day and people being thinking Donald Trump is all to blame.

Still people what does USA want ? If Russia wants thier lands back USA wants one thing is to make the North America Union with Mexico, USA, and Canada it didn’t work they wanted European Union in Amercia. People it doesn’t work to make union in the end of all the process the one’s who paid it was you not the elite. So people how bad does it have to get ? You will see very soon they will try to seperate The EU and make the market crash because if they do prices will fall or rise in A way that people cannot affor not A cent and the day you wake up your children will grow up pennyless and without their land they grew up with. The Bitcoin replaces the dollar, the euro, and ruble you won’t buy with out it the pefect way to control population in every country and one child policy like China.

Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are on the same team and unfortunately this will not decide the elections it will be who is the next speaker of the house ? Who is the next Democratic leader ? The next Republican leader because people wanna know ? Nothing is going to be decided right now USA is locked in standpoint and their is too much risk everything can be volatile.

Things are going will not be decided in the next 3 years but after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tenure we will see that everything will be decided at 2024. You will ask why people the elite are too scared that is Putin is not A man you will negotiate. Things are bad in the geo-political map Russia has the upperhand and EU is with him like China, India, and Israel. George Soros and the elite of USA cannot win unfortunately Barack Obama gave too much power to Putin and if Donald Trump had time his second term he would bought Putin out of the game. Things would of being different and not this horrible time where covid is ruining government.

He would of downplayed it and found A cured and gave it to the people and Biden will never give the cure but reduce the population. People one year and things are bad worldwide and next 3 years will be worst every year sorry to say. Things will be decided in 2024 and the North American Union will continue you will see the next fight will be the candidate becasue they want A women to be president of USA, Canada, and Mexico for reason they are matched and planned.
USA future candidates:
Elizabeth Warren
Marianne Williamson
Amy Klobuchar

Mexico candidates:
amragarita zavala
Margarita Zavala
lilly telelz
Lilly Tellez
Canada candidates:
Chrystia Freeland
Carolyn Bennett

See why Joe Biden isn’t going to relected they want him to fail so when the next election comes the next president will save America not Biden or Kamala Harris they don’t want another african american in USA leading like Barack Obama. They don’t want Joe Biden no one is fighting him he just selling everything to the chinese they want white woman because the system in USA is still racist. One that is strong and rich powerful because that’s how things are in the modern world they want an awesome women who is backed by A rich family thing and miraculous to say that God chose that women. Kamala Harris was for latinovote, african american vote, and women vote she has no money to pay it all or Joe Biden he is only A pawn of Bill Clinton mafia he has no genius he senile and decrepret. Putin doesn’t fear them, Obama was pawn of Bill Clinton the rich families of USA will choose the president not us the people. How unfortunate but the real politics is where the rich and the money is and the best money is to sell your freedom and your liberty to corporations they are the future.
if they cannot make Mexico join the next president lady will just make Canada join. Central America will join carribean countries and make
the Central American Union, and still Mercosur will make new stage the South American Union or LATAM.
something bad


People this is how bad it must take not only voting machines are concern this factors decide how bad it’s going to get sorry to Lausten know he wanted short answer my apologies simply it is matter to great of concern and how devasting consequences everything is now.

Listening to your insane rant I am very worried. You are the danger facing Democracy.

You are the one advocating white supremacy and violent means to prove your delusional arrogance.
In Russia they would arrest you for speech like that. And you want that???


IMHO, Kamala Harris would make a great president, but we won’t know for sure until it actually happens and when it does, she will be a big boon in equality for all women.

Rockefeller was a bit of nut. He thought like an old monarch. They could never rule the world either. There are no secret deals being made, and definitely not to be read about in the Inquirer. Sure, follow the money, look how David’s money is spread out over 70 heirs, each with their own agenda. Look at how businesses and politicians worked to break up Rockefeller monopolies.

There are people now who are taking advantage of those who believe in these conspiracies. There’s a lot of money in that.

No write4u your wrong !!! The truth is proven people don’t decide federal election or popular vote but the electoral college does go explain to the people what it means and how it works and still that’s run by masonery I don’t know what reality you live in that your vote mattered. It never has in your real life. People knowing how to stop masonery and giving people food, money, and ideas to give people their power instead being decided by few people in the electoral college.

I vote for people that they become elites and level the elite field and more billionares exist so people can decide more in the political field. But here you believe democracy and believe i’m A danger -_- news for you write4you democracy was usurp long time ago by powers of the elite if you wanna system where people decided and it was real. Go back to greece and stay there give the right essential technology in free renewable energies that can come in terms with government so all can use it . Give money to more families and technology so masonery doesn’t control the elections.

Give to people use in democracy so things like Hillary Clinton should of won, Donald Trump ( prefer him ), or Michael Dukakis should of won and would of done good for the country. Becuase I face reality you want democracy but the system belongs to the elite. No think again you statement.

You will see Kamala Harris is not going to be president the power in the elite is that only the inteligent and astute women, Kamala Harris is not that cunning their are more cunning and inteligent women that will usurp her place. The elite families like koch brothers ( even though David is dead ), Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and will decide again on candidates and be sure that women will replace her it is how the masonery system and the money goes in politics their is no trust. In politics there are no friends it is cruel system and only the elites win in that system.

And Rockefeller is how the elite think because they are the richest and all rich people think they are monarch. It is still A monarchy in the system that kills democracy .

An example of circular logic

Can you quantify close? This is an open question: is it that such a evil contingency was drafted, whereas in a mature democracy it couldn’t be?

There were multiple plans and attacks on voting, counting, and certifying. Many people saw them. The “checks” that we have, mostly rely on people taking steps to implement them. In the past, people resigned and that brought attention, and the ones attempting the illegal action stopped. Those barriers are getting tested, more people are willing to test them.

That sounded racists. Kamala Harris is very intelligent and there is no reason she can’t be president. That said, the general public out number the elite. If the rich didn’t buy the election and we actually listened to what the people wanted, then we’d probably would have Kamala in the future or someone like her. I have a feeling you aren’t from the States to understand the politics here.

Mriana i’m person that is not racist knowing well that the rich and white like Bill Clinton who say they help african americans , Hillary Clinton wanting the latino vote, and Barack Obama the world thinking he is african american when he is another political figure used by the elite to think that government has changed and they do the same thing all of them rob and steal the poor say things have changed when it doesn’t.

Sorry Mriana, Barack Obama is not from african american side in politics he is for the elite and the rich. Why isn’t someone who is african american who is not part of the elite and family of the wealthy. Like Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King jr., and other who are not part of the elite be president and change things ?

Barack Obama is an agent who played to fool the media and people thinking he was gonna steal for he rich and he stole from people just like George Bush and like Bill Clinton.

All that money they spent even if it’s blue it is bad results of the debt cieling rising do not be confuse Mriana, The Clinton Mafia has eluded people’s count of all they spent and lied saying it’s for the good of the counrty. If their were real candidate who will put more african americans, chinese americans, hindu americans, brazilian americans in the USA congress in more political positions their are any equal 50-50 of women in senate and in congress either ? And make changes for all the system will be fair but the system is monopolized by A central group of families that control them and do not do but lie and steal from people.

Sorry Mriana, Hillary Clinton would of done the same as George W. Bush and Ivanka is women that can do A better job than her if she ever wanted to be preisdent. I will vote for her, you see that real people who will do the change aren’t elected. But instead they are elected.

By people like him are the ones who put them there.


not the american people

USA peopel

They worked and did all to put things in USA the rich took all the credit the working class did everything.

working class

They took all the credit.

Neither is the war on women by Clinton and his elites are helping ladies they all decieved by the elite thinking Clinton works for women.

bill-clinton-lip-biting-book-claims-PP clinton

Elites have abused and taken advantage ladies they have so long being abused by government and elite.


For a period of time, the phrase ‘rule of thumb’ was thought to have originated from the English common law, which allowed men to beat their wives as long as they used a stick that’s no longer than their thumbs. This attribution, however, is erroneous. It is derived from a caricature in the 18th century where Francis Buller, nicknamed ‘Judge Thumb’ was said to allow the above mentioned practice of beating wives with small sticks.

That is something government did but didn’t help just collected taxes and gave A rule that didn’t do anything to change they were still abused. Government has done for women rights and places in government but everything has A price and in the end government did the same to men took away thier time and money. Just to be A prisoner to A system that impartial to all and only the strong and evil dominate it just like Machiavelli says
politics ahve no relation to morals
real power

How long Hillary Clinton waited to be president and she could not of done because A system controlled by masonery and electoral college stop her ? The elites who control USA stopped Clinton Mafia from getting the elction that’s how it is they made all the nation of womenhood use all thier strength and resources and made them prisoners of the system. Only the same they work and the rich get more powerful and destroy the population and one child policy to direct it all. Kamala Harris is a nice person but in the system where money and power their are others who are evil and more despot than her and they want to be president she will not make it because the racism the elites have. You do not understand what I meant I have nothing against Kamala Harris the system that elite are going to do something against her, i’m not the system.

If there is a person that can change it all and give A system to all so everyone has better living being women,male, creed, religion, or humanity first God they achieve it by democracy ! but since for that to happen the money must change, the system must change, and masonery must be dealt with so people can vote and free choice is given to the people.

[quote=“arikel88, post:16, topic:8941”]
Mriana i’m person that is not racist knowing well that the rich and white like Bill Clinton who say they help african americans , Hillary Clinton wanting the latino vote, and Barack Obama the world thinking he is african american when he is another political figure used by the elite to think that government has changed and they do the same thing all of them rob and steal the poor say things have changed when it doesn’t.

Your knowledge of history is pitiful.

Bill Clinton came from a poor family, Barack Obama came from a poor family.
Hillary Clinton’s reputation as a pro-family person is established fact.
Barack Obama’s reputation as a community organizer is an established fact.

All three devoted the greater parts of their lives representing the poor and improving living standards for the working class .

a) Bill Clinton with raising taxes on the rich and producing a budget surplus that could have been used to pay down the national debt and using the interest savings for building schools and hospitals. “a rising tide lifts all ships”

b) Hillary Clinton with her efforts as Secretary of State:

  1. Her China speech on women. “it takes a village”
  2. Her role in killing Osama bin Laden.
  3. Management of the State Department during which time we saw a 50 percent increase in exports to China, aggressive work on climate (particularly at Copenhagen), and the effort to create and implement the toughest sanctions ever on Iran—helping to lead us to the agreement currently on the table.

c) Barack Obama for prividing low cost health insurance for millions of people, ACA.
“yes we can”

Just name a few accomplishments that benefitted the Nation’s socio-economic status of the poor and middle-class.

Sorry Mriana, Barack Obama is not from african american side in politics he is for the elite and the rich. Why isn’t someone who is african american who is not part of the elite and family of the wealthy. Like Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King jr., and other who are not part of the elite be president and change things ?

What??? Do you even understand what you are saying here???
Barack Obama was accused of being for the elite rich because he went to an elite university on a scholarship? His political success stemmed from a brilliant mind and the historical weight of being the first Black president. His first job after law-school was in community relations and organizing.

You have bought into the Big Republican Lie, these billionaire elites who have actively resisted every policy advanced by a Democratic leader that would have benefitted working-class people.

Study your US history man! You are way out in lala land here.

You know what Bill Clinton’s greatest failure was? He had a dalliance with an intern who vowed to her friend that she was going to seduce Bill Clinton, for which the Republicans tried to impeach him.

The charges for which Clinton was impeached stemmed from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Clinton by Paula Jones and from Clinton’s testimony denying that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Impeachment of Bill Clinton - Wikipedia

When did McConnell say he wanted to make Obama a ‘one-term president’?

“Our No. 1 priority is to make this president a one-term president,”’ says Rendell, citing the remark made by Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, that exemplified the fierce partisanship that has attended Obama’s tenure. ‘That McConnell would say that in the first nine months of Barack Obama’s tenure is absolutely stunning, disgraceful, disgusting — you name the term.’”

About the Republican smear campaign against Hillary Clinton:

Graphika identified 44 stories launched by the operation between October 2016 and October 2019, many of them “demonstrably false, based on forged documents or non-existent interviews.” The falsehoods touched on everything from Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency in 2016 to rumors about the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, from which Russia was barred because of its state-backed doping program.

Meanwhile, Graphika’s report notes, “all were amplified by networks of fake accounts across a wide range of social platforms.”

If you are going to slander someone, be sure you get your facts straight, else you may get sued someday and you won’t have any facts to back up your claim!!!

I’m to tired for this. Did someone explain what was happening in 2008?

Your gonna get sued write4u defending some common criminals like Bill Clinton and his mafia you admit Bill Clinton impeachment offense. You admit elite gave privileges to Obama in university even they say scholarship.

The errors of Clinton adminstration about Somalia

The crime bill of 1994.

He admits his errors why don’t you -_- good greif write4you you protect this criminals when all they have done is over and over rob you made you tell lies about they are doing good but still push the agenda the elite have done ?

Really Rudy Gulianni even had evidence against Hillary.

Really they have you fooled write4you it’s pity you defend them knowing they do over and over and still the system was gonna steal the next election and it isn’t Trump doing it.

This man who the elite used in USA has done horrible crime in USA, England, and other people country he so devastating he has no interest but Donald Trump stood up against them.

In an electon that was impossible for Donald Trump to win he won 1 billion to one odds neither Bill Clinton could of done that. Take that blindfold off write4you and see how things are for they really are that they are all part of the same organization of elite establishment. They all steal and have done wrong saying they are right no write4you you are wrong.


Trump was A solution the world needed so much he is gone and won’t comeback you will see how important he was write4you.

Okay Lausten is tired I will not say no more even if provoked by write4you this was derailed I apologize to Lausten

After this incoherent rant, you dare to cite the seditionist Trump as the “solution” to US problems, let alone the world’s problems?

Let me remind you that Trump had to pardon several of his criminal underlings from serving time for criminal actions on behalf of Trump.
When Trump goes to prison there will be no one to pardon him. Well, perhaps he can rule the world from prison .

Okay Lausten is tired I will not say no more even if provoked by write4you this was derailed I apologize to Lausten

What happened to an “informed citizenry”? This reminds me of Hitler’s Beerhall Putsch and when he was released from prison his propaganda machine convinced the German people that Hitler was the solution to all their problems . Result…WWII.

Trump has Fox News for his propaganda machine. “Make America Great Again” is just a repeat of the Nazi slogan “Deutschland Uber Alles”. Except this time it is all Colored people in addition to Jews who are the “scapegoats”.