What do you think? Harry and Meghan are hoping to forgo their status as Royals, and strike out on their own (sort of). The plan is purportedly to spend half their time in the UK and half in North America (I assume mainly Canada and the US). I think it’s great that Meghan has stolen Harry from the Royals. (USA! USA! USA!) I’m not sure they treat her right over there, anyway. Harry has always been the most popular of the Royals, since Diana. And Harry and Meghan are, hands down, the cutest Royal couple. Though, I have to say the most attractive individual Royal is Kate Middleton (followed closely by Meghan). I think Meghan already has a gig with Disney to do voice overs for them. With the proceeds going to help elephants (a great charity imho).

On a related note, how is it that the almost 94 year old Queen Elizabeth looks to be in her 70’s?

Meghan is going to end up with the elephants, Tim. And she is dragging Harry down the tubes with her. Meghan has been treated royally by the British Monarchy. Prince Charles walked her, a nobody from California, down the aisle, and spent millions to set her up with his dumb son, Harry.

How old are you Tim? Are you Greta Thurnberg’s best friend? Cutest Royal couple? Compare to the Obamas? I hope the elephants approve. Everybody else is horrified.

I love Greta Thunberg, as should everyone who is not a dickwit. If you didn’t know, the Obamas are not Royals, tho compared to the dickwit who is President now, I can see how you could make that mistake.

As far as Meghan’s treatment in the UK:

Meghan Markle has faced an endless stream of online bullying since becoming a royal, with the shocking level of abuse attacking everything from her family and race to her body and parenting.”

I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces’, Prince Harry announced earlier this year, as the couple pursued legal action against the tabloids that had ‘bullied’ the former Suits actress.”

And elephants are possibly the most sentient of social creatures that we share the planet with.

But maybe you are right about everyone but me being horrified by Megxit. Perhaps others will chime in.



I don’t Tim, the royals never interested me much, I’m much more curious about what the hell is going on inside Sree’s angry lil head.

Look, Tim. Being a royal is not for a commoner, least of all an American. Why would someone from the US want to crash into British high society for? We are classless and take pride in being classless. The British culture, from which we broke away, has an aristocracy. And it’s a lot more uppity than meritocracy even if you can make it through affirmative action. There is no way for a commoner, least of all a non-white American, to fit in with the blue bloods even if you are knighted to sit at the Round Table. Don’t even try to understand this, Tim. Our blue bloods are movie stars, rock stars, the likes of Robert De Niro, the Khadarshians and Oprah Winfrey; Obama even. They don’t really count. Upstairs and downstairs. It’s that simple. Look at your goddam ticket. If you are traveling coach and get an upgrade to first class, turn it down if you don’t fancy being a pariah. Don’t make small talk with people around you. Just enjoy your goodies and STFU.

You should take your own prescription.

Once there was a little hope out there,


Now we got the sheople like this Sree jumping right back on the juvenile delinquent hate and blindness bandwagon.

When I look at the self-certain idiocy that Sree spouts so proudly, and that he seem so totally self-certain of, all I see is a nightmare coming to fruition.

Honestly, I think the whole concept of Royals is funny, in this day and age. But you know, I will sometimes thumb thru People Magazine when I’m waiting for appointments. It is sort of fun to see what celebrities are up to.

The royals will be fine without them. The rest of the world will be fine not hearing about them.

If I’m not mistaken it’s long been speculated Harry is not really a royal. Diana was supposedly a big slore and was getting some nasty on the side more than a few times. I’ve also heard that was always a fake marriage so who knows.

Oh, a budding yellow journalist. Well, if Harry is a literal bastard, DNA tests are pretty easy to confirm such things, these days.

There are no bastards in the secular world.

Yes, a DNA test would put those rumors to rest but Harry has not take one for some reason.

Maybe he’s satisfied with his life the way it is.

That raises the question, how difficult could it be for someone (e.g., The National Enquirer types) to covertly acquire dna?

Sree, I think that there are bastards among Royalty, since theirs are inherited positions. But I am not well acquainted with the intricacies of rules of Royal Lineage.

Of course, there are bastards among royalty. The Emperor of China had 300 concubines. There are bastards among creationists as well. No bastards among other animals.

Sree, do you even read your own posts. You said “There are no bastards in the secular world.” Now you say “Of course, there are bastards among royalty.”

“…there was Rachel Johnson, prime minister Boris Johnson’s sister, who commented that Markle had “rich and exotic DNA.” There was the BBC commentator who tweeted an image of Meghan and Harry holding hands with a chimpanzee and joked that it was their son. There was the Daily Mail headline “Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton,” on a story that enumerated the recent crimes that have taken place near Markle’s childhood home, and listed all the street gangs known to operate in the area, reminding the reader again and again that the neighborhood where she was born “couldn’t be more different” from the tony environment in which Prince Harry was raised…”

Racists and right wingers are growing in prominence across the world, including in the UK. And it is f’ing up a lot of nations. The UK is still Brexit challenged due to them, and have now lost the asset of Harry, Meghan, and Archie, due to them.

Tim: You said “There are no bastards in the secular world.” Now you say “Of course, there are bastards among royalty."
Royalty are people of religion. They wed in places of worship. Kids, of slores, born out of wedlock are bastards not included in the line of succession.

In the secular world, traditional (aka religious) rules don’t apply. It’s ok to sleep around. If you have a kid, it’s called a love child. If you don’t want the baby, you abort it. No bastards.

Tim: The UK is still Brexit challenged due to them, and have now lost the asset of Harry, Meghan, and Archie, due to them.
Harry is not a loss. He is sixth in line to nowhere. Meghan and Archie don't count. Meghan is the second woman from America to mess with the British Crown. The first was Wallis Simpson who caused King Edward VIII to abdicate the throne.

Meghan is trouble. She was a long shot. The Queen must have known it but had to go along with her millennial grand dud. The old girl is smart enough to know that this was an opportunity to eject the American and her kid. Chucking Prince Harry is a small price to pay. It’s not going to be good.

Prince Harry, the liberal progressive, is not King Edward, the conservative. The old guy stayed with his partner till death did they part. The young punk will return to grandma. He can’t dress up without his butler.

Just the wedding of Harry and Meghan, stimulated the UK economy by probably more than $1B. They were more popular than the golden family of Kate and Harry’s older brother.

Meghan and Harry are no longer Royals. So no worries about who might be a bastard. Now they can stimulate their own economy and that of wherever they spend their time (Canada, US).

Who cares who is in the Royal line of succession? Elizabeth is looking to be the 1st Monarch (afaik) to break 100 years of age. She looks the same as she did 20 years ago, and she is in her 90’s now.

Do you hate sweet little Archie because he is part African American?