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The whole thread is tiresome, because marijuana isn’t a miracle drug and it should be treated like medicine (that cannot cure everything and anything) and like tobacco and alcohol too. It’s not the perfect drug and not everyone can do marijuana. To think that it is and that it’s great for everyone is nieve.

BTW, great article, Lausten. It’s a good example of how it’s not necessarily good for everyone.

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Sir. I can’t see where I’m guilty of that, not even by am order of magnitude or two, but if that’s your moderating perception.

I very much appreciate this:

Which the literature differentiates by the large complex of drugs. Any one of which will have a plethora of effects, agonistic and an antagonistic, according to dose and subject.

It’s my personal opinion. There isn’t a rule against annoying, unless it’s harassment, which you’re not. Id like to see everyone attempt to understand each other, and not entrench themselves in one corner of an issue, but that’s a lot to ask

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This conversation reminded me of some I’ve had where the facts and logic were just lost. I have examples from Left and Right, but I’ll use this one from the Right. It was a public discussion about election fraud, about a year ago. Both sides were allowed equal time, and there wasn’t much debate, the questions were highly moderated.

I didn’t get picked to talk during the conference call, so I followed up on social media. I responded to a guy who had said he was a ballot counter and he saw some anomalies, and he tried to say something but he got kicked out, fired from the volunteer position. He called this evidence of fraud.

I pointed out the system is designed to handle exactly what he reported, and there were Republicans and Democrats present and if something was going on, it would have been escalated and, at the very least, we all could have read about somewhere. But he was just one guy, making a conclusion, and no one around him agreed with him. Either, there really is a conspiracy, or he was wrong.

I got a lot of flack for that comment. It wasn’t anything about my logic. It was that I was not listening to this one guy, that I should respect his experience. Those comments dismissed any of the other people who had the same experience and didn’t see fraud.

This is the kind of discussion that can’t result in a solution. Whatever facts of subtleties I might be missing won’t come out if the focus is on accepting the personal experience of one person, above all else.

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