Can Capitalism overcome the War on Marijuana?

I guess it’s a good idea, but the plants should be grown here, not imported from Mexico.

I guess it's a good idea, but the plants should be grown here, not imported from Mexico.
I'm sure they will be, in part, at some point. Right now, I think that legitimizing marijuana coming from Mexico might go a long way to undermining the horrible violence that has been going on in Mexico in relation to the marijuana trade.

It’s certainly good that these kinds of stories are finally getting some amount of traction, at least. The war on marijuana as we know it today is probably one of the most destructive things that William Randolph Hurst contributed to the U.S.

Yeah, the story goes that Hearst a newspaper mogul in the 30’s was instrumental in demonizing hemp (a variety of cannabis that has little psychoactive properties but which can be a valuable cash crop for products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, and fuel) because it was in direct competition with his paper mills.
It is interesting that now, hemp is produced legally in Canada, and Kentucky is now set to become our 1st state to again legalize hemp production.
Hearst was probably just concerned about not having his profits eaten into. Likely he did not foresee or care about the many many decades of social problems that accompany a black market that has inevitably arisen with keeping a relatively harmless substance, that people want, illegal.
The war on marijuana has been a dreadful waste of money, has destoyed the life prospects for many young people, (disproportionately so for black males), and has regularly lead to extreme violence. In contrast, ending the war on marijuana and legalizing it would be an economic boon, negate the motivation for violence in the maintenance of a black market, would end a great deal of wasted resources in our criminal justice system, and would dissipate a host of problems that our legal system causes for the people who are going to use marijuana whether it is legal or not.
The war on marijuana will NEVER end its production and use.
But the obvious insanity of continuing this failed policy, apparently does little to end it. Perhaps the forces of capitalism, which were instrumental in starting this war, will ultimately be instrumental in ending it.