Loud random clap

This afternoon my mother sister and myself were sitting in the living room on the couch each doing our own thing on phones etc and clear as day we all heard a loud clap come from the hallway, I at first thought this was my dad trying to scare us but I could still hear him playing his drums in the shed, immediately we all freaked out and I jumped off my spot and ran to the other side of the room, my sister got my dad and he checked and found nothing, no signs of break in or anything that fell on the floor.

First, please use a comma between “mother” and “sister” to avoid the obvious jokes.

Second, you don’t know what it was. So I assume you’re posting here about it because, upon failing to determine what it was, you just made something up and decided it must have been supernatural? A ghost, maybe? Demon? Spirit? Goverment ULF transmissions?

Carefully check in the attic to inspect the beams. If one cracked due, perhaps to some foundation strain, or otherwise, you may want to get it shored up.

Structures are dynamic, in the same way as the Earth’s mantle. I expect you understand earthquakes. Structures release stress in the same way. The most common causes of stress in structures are changes in temperature, foundation displacement and changes in humidity.

Different materials expand/contract due to change in temperature at different rates. Steel grows/shrinks at about 13/16 inch per 100 ft per 100 degrees F. Plastics typically grow/shrink at 5 times that rate. Check out thermal expansion of materials on the net.

Foundation displacement can be due to a variety of changes in the ground, from moisture content, to settling, to larger scale (almost unnoticeable) tilting of the surface. Changes in soil moisture usually aren’t much of a concern unless they come with changes in temperature (heaving due to freezing) or vibration (liquification). If you want to consider the most frightening thing look up sink holes.

Changes in humidity, especially cyclical changes, can cause problems in many materials found in the home, including furniture and wood doors.