Seeing Very Bright Colorful Square Shape.

Earlier today, I was sitting on my couch, it was about noon, I was watching TV when I saw this very bright, momentary colorful outline of a square appear on my wall. The wall is about 10 feet from where I sit. It was bright enough to over-come the ambient light in the room, which was plentiful due to the sun. I quickly started researching the subject, but all I could come up with was painless migraine aura’s, and possibly signs that my eyes are going bad. Those may make sense, what isn’t explained is the fact that my wife saw the exact same light at the same time. Since I couldn’t find any instances where both people saw the same light, here I am. I found a few examples of people seeing flashes that were caused by static discharge. I highly doubt that dust in the air in my house could produce a light that bright without some kind of noise. I just wanted to see what other peoples’ thought are on this matter.

angles, reflections, and an unrecognized source of light projected the colorful square on to your wall

I looked everywhere to find a source. I tried to duplicate it by shining a bright flashlight through windows at various angle, etc. It was too intense to be anything that I have in my house and the sun was directly over head and had no direct path into my house.

My guess would be that the windshield of some vehicle passing by on the street reflected sunlight though one of your windows. That would explain the square outline.

My neighbor has a loud truck with lots of lights on it. It gets filtered through trees as he pulls out of his driveway. Freaks me out every time.

Look up “complimentary colors”.

How many different colors did you see? How long did it last? Did it occur again? Do you have a picture?