Julian Assange: 24 hr Countdown to Day X (vid live from 0830h)

Journalism is not protected free speech for you?

No, it should not be “free”. It should be “true”.
That’s why legitimate News organizations have “editors” who decide (according to the rule) what is protected speech and what is not.

What types of speech are not protected?

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech by default, placing the burden on the state to demonstrate whether there are any circumstances that justify its limitation.

The relevant exceptions to the First Amendment that have been established are:

  • Speech that would be deemed a “true threat”: Speech that a person reasonably would perceive as an immediate threat to their physical safety is not protected by the First Amendment. For example, if a demonstrator yelled at an individual student and threatened a physical assault to the speech, then such speech would not be protected.
  • Incitement of illegal activity: There is no right to incite people to break the law, including to commit acts of violence. To constitute incitement, the Supreme Court has said that there must be a substantial likelihood of imminent illegal activity and the speech must be directed to causing imminent illegal activity.

> For example, a speaker on campus who exhorts the audience to engage in acts of vandalism and destruction of property is not protected by the First Amendment if there is a substantial likelihood of imminent illegal activity.

  • Harassment in an educational institution aimed at an individual on the basis of a protected characteristic (race, gender, sexual orientation, religion); that is also pervasive and severe; is a direct or implied threat to employment or education; or creates an intimidating, hostile and demeaning environment.


Remember that the Jan 6 insurrection was a result of the abuse of criminal “free speech” by Trump and his cronies. That’s why Trump is charged with a crime and 1000 + people charged and/or convicted of an actual crime as a result of abuse of free speech.

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The case is about whether it was journalism or theft. An indictment is not prosecution. He probably has a good chance of winning but I don’t get how he got that password.

Charged with 14 felonies for telling the truth about how fox manipulated the interview to make Ze more palatable to Fox’s right-wing audience. The FBI raided his home and stole thousands of dollars worth of video, cell phone and computer equipment.

Burkes lawyer Rasch wrote that Burke “accessed publicly accessible live streams by simply finding and putting in the appropriate URL for the website. There was no ‘hacking,’ no ‘forced entry’ and no special tools necessary.”

Is that a crime in bidens America?

yeah, um, I, uh, “found it”, that’s it. It was just lying around, like, no one “called it”, I didn’t see anyone’s name it, it was just there. I found it. Sure, that’s it.

Yes just like youre on the CFI site and click around and find what you want. Yeah um???

What’s with all this melodramatic phony hysteria?

“Biden’s America” what hog wash.

This sort of sensationalistic superficiality, isn’t journalism.
Or even rational. Or humane.

Was the information marked “secret”?
I so, publication of content is a crime.

Apparently, the situation requires litigation, so here we are. All according to existing law.

Now you are equivocating on the qualification

Lausten is one of CFI’s moderators (editors) who decide what constitutes free speech on this forum. It is his job to spot posts that are against the “rules”.

If you don’t recognize his authority, go to one of Trump’s supporting sites. But then, it looks like you get your “news” from Fox, which is not a legitimate cnews organization.
Remember, they got sued for accusing a voting machine manufacturer of “weighing” the input data.

But you better not disagree with 'em

The democrats Michigan primary on tonight. On the ballot is the uncommitted option pushed by the likes of Rashida Tlaib

Okay wonderful.

And Biden isn’t unaware of the issues:

I wonder if you every do anything but try to tear down? Have you every involved yourself in community work, or seriously engaged in the political process at any level?

Yeah, things really suck and before you know it, they are going to suck even worse, the Black Swans are starting to dot the horizon, getting ready to start swooping down on us for real - so why not try to attempt working towards the light, rather than this hateful arrogant judgementalism about an issue that we are utterly helpless to do anything about. Why not focus on issues you might be able to influence. Or at least stop condemning those who’ve are simply too overwhelm to make that particular issue, Thee Issue. Too much competition, what about Africa and South America and the Tibetans and Uyghurs, and on and on and on. Are you at least ready to stop driving your car and visiting fast food - given the crown of sanctity you’re wearing?

I notice you never have any bad words for the corporate overlords and the military industrial complex that own the politicians - but governments you love bashing.

Phony is as phony does.

Just a wild idea that entered my mind.

For the record, I’m not implying anything about anyone living or dead. Save your predictable cries of injustice, because if the mark strikes home, that’s all in your head, or conscience, cause I’m talking in broad generalities about the whole MAGA mind set and all who embrace this mentality of nonstop viciously destructive juvenile frog feces.

Oh speaking of those Black Swans, howzabout this one:

Here he is. He is on the case

True but so is Biden and at a more advanced stage. Yesterday he coudnt remember obamas name and called Xi the president of Russia


That’s the best you can come up with?
Notice the side bar - can you spot the spin happening there?

Where are the criminal defendant and sexual predator mr. trump’s winning votes going to come from during a national election?

Here’s another way to look at it:

We shall see.

I know I vote for the lesser of two evils, but show me the math for Trump being less evil.

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Is genocide palatable ???

Is expulsion of tens of millions of long term productive American residents palatable???
That’s Trump.

Inside Trump’s plans to deport millions from the U.S.

Donald Trump’s plan to crack down on immigration includes using a range of tools to deport millions of people in the U.S. each year — from obscure laws to military funds to law enforcement officers from all levels of government.

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