The Daily Bullcrap Report

Welcome to the 1st installment of reports of the day of bullcrap delivered to us by our current POTUS. 4/4/2019

Today our POTUS indicated his disdain for border judges, and his intense disdain for asylum seekers getting lawyer when they get in the country and request asylum. He clearly has antipathy for our justice system providing any bit of due process. Not very supportive of that American value, IMO.

But we haven’t gotten to the bullcrap/s of the day, yet. One Bullcrap today, was his turning a threat that he issued last week into bullcrap by changing it from maybe this week, to now, maybe in one year.

These threats were/are supposedly contingent on Mexico meeting his demand of stopping most of the Central American immigrants from reaching our border. He also included in the “one year” timeline demand that Mexico prevent drugs from crossing our southern border. He also included the threat of adding 10% tariff on cars from Mexico if Mexico does not meet his demands in one year. He indicated that he cared more about this than his vaunted USMCA (replacement of NAFTA) trade deal. Anyway, I call a 2nd Bullcrap of the Day on all that.

Next a relatively small (small for our current POTUS) Bullcrap in his statement that asylum seekers are released and get a 5 year wait for a court date. The truth is that the average time it takes for the completion of the ENTIRE case for these immigrant hopefuls was 1000 days in 2018. This amount of time is the highest average time in ANY other year (and of course it was a year under our current POTUS’s administration). But the point for a smallish Bullcrap of the Day is that 1000 days is a wee bit over 3 yrs, NOT 5 yrs. (a small bullcrap, relatively speaking).

But perhaps the Biggest Bullcrap of the Day (so far) is when our Current POTUS said that only 2 % of the asylum seekers show up for their court date. This lie in various forms has been repeated over and over and over many times. Oh, he added that of the 2% that showed up they were stupid for doing so (presumably instead of hiding). He is basically asserting that 98% of the asylum seekers are released and disappear somewhere in our country to remain hidden as undocumented immigrants. Now that is an amazing mountain of Bullcrap. Even with the janky way the administration calculates failure to meet court dates, the ave no-show rate for 2002-2016 was 13.5 %, meaning 86.5% showed up. Last year the show up rate was 95 %. The show up rate for asylum seekers who had lawyers was even higher. So I declare that since 2% is not anywhere close to 86.5 to 95 % that this is our current POTUS’s Bullcrap of the Day, so far.

One nice thing about Trump, you don’t have to strain your brain wondering if he’s telling the truth, partially lying, or totally lying. If his mouth is open, you can pretty much count on anything he says being a lie.

Bullcrap of the Day 4/5/2019

This stale bit of bullcrap of the day, today, is notable mostly because it is a lie amidst the evidence of the lie. (stale because he regularly changes his mind and has repeatedly asserted that he doesn’t change his mind.)

Today Trump asserted that he never changes his mind, while in the very same breath he was talking about not closing the southern border until possibly a year from now. That, of course, was a change of his mind from last week. Last week he said that he might well close the border this week. Now he is saying that he prefers putting a 25% tariff on cars exported from Mexico, if Mexico doesn’t meet his demands in a year. (Yesterday it was a 10% tariff.)

The backpedal on closing the border was astounding. Do you even need to fact check that Mexico is “capturing people and bringing them back to their countries at their southern border.” ?

I missed an important Bullcrap of the Day from yesterday. Our current POTUS had a photo op at the border fence, with a plaque that was attached to the fence. The plaque indicated that this is the 1st section of the Donald J Trump wall. So this was a special Bullcrap: an official-looking memorialized Bullcrap. Because this was merely a replacement section of the fence, and the project was funded and approved in the Obama administration

Here is some Bullcrap of the Day in this relatively short video:

The above video shows multiple elements of Bullcrap. It has the element of undercutting a particular woman’s merit. It has the element of obstructing the availability of knowledge to the American ppl of the facility the Russians had in changing the minds and actions of voters in the 2016 election and elsewhere in the world, with specially targeted propaganda and disinformation. It has the element of our current POTUS verbally defaming news medias that say things he doesn’t like them to say.

The BullCrap and trying to be little our President and is unamerican as hell. But, in this case I think it might be a good idea. We have a lot of people with TDS and this may be a little pressure release for the mental problems of people with TDS. Way to go.

“Trying to belittle our President?” Looks like they don’t have to try very hard, do they? He makes it so easy for them! I have to admit that I used to be worried that Trumpkin’s laughable attempts at what he calls “diplomacy” were going to get us into a shooting war with North Korea, but it’s comforting to realize that there’s a Deep State of real diplomats who would prevent that from happening.

Righties love that “TDS” label. I submit that there is not any “derangement” in confronting our current POTUS’s Bullcrap. To me, the derangement would be to blithely ignore our current POTUS’s movement to gather more and more power to himself by attempting to alter our laws, system of checks and balances in govt, and Americans perception of reality itself, thru persistent lies.

He is also gradually replacing and limiting the influence of the day to day non-partisan bureaucrats who are trying to keep our nation on track (aka by conspiracy theory loving righties as “the deep state”). In the next 2 yrs, he will be installing more and more Trumpist stooges into controlling positions. If he has 6 more yrs we will be truly screwed.


Bullcrap of the day:

Early this morning, our current POTUS contacted Nielsen, the Director of Homeland Security. She has been an obsequious loyalist, going so far as to lie about and otherwise promote even the most ill advised heinous cruel policy of separating asylum seeking families. Our POTUS told her to no longer allow any immigrants to submit themselves for asylum, to shut this down completely. Nielsen said this is not possible as it is illegal. Our POTUS furthermore told her he wanted the policy of family separation to be renewed. Nielsen indicated that this would violate federal court orders as well as our POTUS’s own executive order. Nielsen is now retired. She apparently is not obsequious or loyal enough to obviously and openly break the law. Our POTUS also got rid of other key figures, today, who were apparently not extreme enuf. He said we are going in a tougher direction.

4/9/2019 Bullcrap of the Day

Attorney General Barr has previously (before today) said that he has not provided any further info about the Mueller report to the White House, (just as he has not done so with Congress). Today, under oath, before Congress, he would not answer as to whether he has communicated anything with the White House beyond the 4 page document that he released publicly, initially.

So chances are he is covering up having given the White House a heads up about the Mueller Report. Pretty much all of the info that he would give in his testimony today to Congress about the Mueller Report is how it will be redacted. He refused to answer other questions about it.

So far, this looks like the whole investigation is going to be eeked out a bit at a time, most likely with info that will fit the POTUS’s narrative of no collusion/no obstruction, with most other info held up from being revealed until it no longer matters. Even the investigation in to how Russia interfered in the 2016 election may be stalled until there is no time to make efforts to prevent their continuing social media attacks.

And maybe there’s a Catch-22. If nothing negative can be revealed from the report about someone who has not been indicted, AND DOJ rules say that a sitting POTUS cannot be indicted, then nothing was ever going to be revealed about our current POTUS’s actions, no matter what the investigation uncovered. (IOW he was never going to be indicted for any crime, and no info of his participation in any crime was thus going to be revealed.) Hopefully, this is not the case. Hopefully it is just a paranoid thought. But even if not, Barr is justifying not giving full info to anyone other than persons controlled by our current POTUS. So no one can verify whether Barr is covering up relevant info that might put our current POTUS in an uncomfortable light. We are forced, so far, to take the word of an administration that has been chock full of lying stooges who protect our current POTUS at the expense of their own reputations.


There has been too much Bullcrap today for even my alleged TDS to deal with. It is like a long day of explosive diarrhea Bullcrap, from A.G. Barr splattering it about in congress (from having his mouth too close to our current POTUS’s ass) to our current POTUS’s intention to unilaterally (by executive order) take power from states and give it to himself to approve oil companies doing what they want, and to take some environmental safety controls off of our oil industry *this at a time when we are producing more oil than any other country.

On a completely different note, the 1st ever in history photo of a black hole was shown today. It appears to look very much like Donald J Trump’s anus must look – a circle of blackness surrounded by an irregular circle of bright orange. This could explain why our current POTUS goes thru so many cabinet members and appointees (because in putting their heads up there… well nothing can survive a black hole.)


Bullcrap of the Day 4/11/2019

Today our current POTUS’s sister, a Federal Judge who was under investigation for tax evasion in a scheme with her siblings, decided to resign. By resigning, the investigation goes away. So evidence will not come out if she and her siblings scammed to IRS to the tune of 1o’s of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile Secretary Steve Mnuchin is simply not allowing tax returns of our current POTUS to be released, avoiding following a law which states that the admin shall turn over the specified tax returns and related info, that was requested, to the House Ways and Means Committee. So again, our POTUS who is supposed to enforce laws, comes out to be above the law, in case he and his siblings actually did scam the IRS for tens of millions of dollars, by keeping the evidence from being revealed. This is a form of obstruction of justice, one would assume, since a law is being broken, if, (and it probably is) being broken in order to cover up a crime committed by our current POTUS.

I must say that everyday there seems to be multiple piles of Bullcrap dumped out of this administration. I just try to pick out some particularly stinky ones.

e.g., Our current POTUS declared that his campaign was “illegally spied on” by members of our law enforcement or intelligence communities. This was supported by statements yesterday, made under oath, by Askisser General Barr. Our current Potus has again declared that treason has been committed, and that the Mueller investigation was an attempted coup which he won because there was “no collusion, no obstruction” and total exoneration of him and his campaign, and that the whole Russia thing was a witch hunt.

Our current POTUS’s Bullcrap, is a fiction which automatically is accepted as truth by up to 40% of Americans. More may accept his Bullcrap as truth, eventually, simply because so much of it can be repeated over and over and over in the public domain.

C’mon Tim, you’re not talking to all Democrats here. So, expect to get called on these types of statements you call “fiction”. Not only was the POTUS’s campaign spied upon by members of the intelligence communities. So was every phone and computer in the world. Obama open the doors to spying at a level never known before. And then had the intelligence agencies lie about it under oath? Is that not correct?

Did not John Brennan say that he was spying on Trump to look for Russian Spies? Is that not correct?

John Brennan said that Trump is in Putin’s pocket. Is that not correct? What was Brennan basing that on? Do you have any ideas? I like to see the evidence.

Did Comey say: "I’ve Never Thought of Electronic Surveillance as Spying”.

Departments in DC are feared because they can crush anyone for no reason. And they were all controlled by Democrats as is DC. Trump is saving America. It will be great if Barr goes after these collaborating department heads and locks them up for messing with our election.

There will always be diehards that will not admit to the fake news, witch hunt and spying. The Democrats should be apologizing instead of doubling down on dirt. Just like a bad commercial played repeatedly. The rating of the far-left fake news is dropping. Many people don’t like what the Democrats have done to the America system. The far-left don’t care because they didn’t like the American system anyway.

Your post is indicative of the fiction that our current POTUS would have everyone believe. He has definitely gotten to you. Barr has become just another Donald kissass and supporter of the far righties conspiracy talking points. In oath to Congress he said that there was definitely “spying” on the Trump campaign. But he also said he knew of no evidence that anything was done without proper authorization. Later, in his testimony, when pressed, he said that “spying” means “illegal surveillance”. Hence he showed himself to be a lying spouter of the Trump conspiracy theory (that Trump presents as absolute truth, that the entire Mueller investigation was a treasonous coup attempt.

Again, to be clear, I am saying that Barr said there was definitely “spying” on the Trump campaign. He later admitted, when pressed, that the term “spying” means illegal surveillance. His testimony also included that there is no evidence of unauthorized or improperly authorized surveillance. Hence when he said that there definitely was spying, he was lying.

That lie, stated as there WAS spying, i.e., illegal surveillance, gave our current POTUS all the prompting he need to grossly expand that lie to his oft repeated bigger lie that there were elements in our intelligence agencies, and/or FBI who were attempting a coup. Who were committing treason. And that the Mueller investigation was an extension of this conspiracy against him.

The fake news is coming from our current POTUS. It is really pretty obvious. Only the followers who have decided to accept whatever convoluted fiction that he comes up with, are going to keep believing, except with the possible addition of ppl who are not attending to the details, and have or employ limited critical thinking. The latter are vulnerable to the constant repetition of the lies.

So as one who has fallen under the thrall of our current POTUS, you are a good cult member, espousing his fiction and lies so assertively and confidently. Such hubris generally leads to a fall.

No, the POTUS never got me because I never fell for the BS in the first place. If it was not logical then I discarded it as fake. The Gov. spying was logical. The Democrats spying was also logical. Trump collusion was not and never was logical in any way.

Barr, well this is the first time I have really looked at Barr, you say he is far right. Hell, that a good thing. The far-left haven’t been any good for the American system so far. I don’t like the idea he is from DC. I don’t trust anyone in DC. As far as Barr being a liar. I can make Jesus or anyone a liar too by using words from different quotes at different times. If that’s all you got. You got nothing but fake news.

The way I took what Barr was saying, was that everyone is innocent under the law until proven guilty. And he was going to investigate the reasons behind the spying and see if there was a legal reason for the spying. Normally, this would be quite simple. But here we are dealing with secret courts, secret police, secret judges and what is possible secret laws.

Hell, we don’t even know what Mullers job was. Two years of investigations and in the news around the world daily and his job was kept secret from the public. This is not what the America people want.

When the FBI, CIA and DOJ all work together to break the laws to remove a sitting President. That is a coup.

Sorry, I am not the one with TDS. If you want to see who is in a cult, look into the mirror.

Another point. When dealing with Government Departments it is like dealing with small countries within a country. They have their own laws (regulations) that they pass. And they have their own definition of what words mean that do not match Blacks Law Dictionary. An example is “Employee”. Every American thinks he knows what an “Employee” is. But what qualifies as an “Employee” with one government department may not with another government department. This was a major problem in the 86’ tax reforms.

I just saw Comey on the news with his “I’ve Never Thought of Electronic Surveillance as Spying”. And I got the impression that Comey felt he was correct in his thinking. Which in his department, he most likely was. The FBI may have made their definition of surveillance a none spying action. That would be a way around the Federal laws.

Expect the news to hash the meaning of “spy” for the next couple of days. If we had control of our caste these kind of issues most likely would not be happening and spy would mean spy the same to all people and departments.

Spies - one that spies: a : one who keeps secret watch on a person or thing to obtain information.

SPY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Spy meaning: 1. a person who secretly collects and reports information about the activities of another country or organization.

One who secretly collects information for a business about one or more of its competitors.

One who secretly keeps watch on another or others.

Definition of surveillance: Ongoing close observation and collection of data or evidence, for a specified purpose or confined to a narrow sector.