Could this happen?

In his final act to upset the apple cart and blow the minds of the right, trump pardons Snowdon and Assange.

That would be so tasty. You can just see the chaos and fire breathing anger on CNN, MSNBc, NYT, etc

I think he’s going to be most anxious to pardon his entire family, himself included. Anyone else would be in prison for a conviction for stealing from a charity, not to mention using donations to that same charity as a tax write off and then stealing that money back out of the charity. I wouldn’t be surprise if America learns all about “sealed indictments” come January 21.

He should do it with a " fuck you i wont do what you tell me" as parting rage against the war machine

He’s already raging. He did his go to move, fire someone. The guy he fired didn’t have anything to do with him losing the election, he just dared disagree with Trump on a few things. And, since Trump is in a foul mood because he lost, he’s mulling over old beefs and lashing out. Expect a visit to the White House from a medium within the next few days so he can lash out at McCain again because Arizona gave him the finger.

He fired a warmonger!

I don’t think he can pardon himself, BUT he could pardon all the rest of his criminal mob, resign, giving He Who Is Not Worth His Name the lame duck presidency, and then the dotard is pardon.

I don’t think people can be pardoned before being convicted and sentenced.

Assange and Snowden are not even on the list of people Americans care about.

Military industrial complex does. Stick it up their arse

Maybe 7 years ago they were worried – plenty of more important things going on now.

Wrong again. They are keeping him in jail for a reason


I don’t think people can be pardoned before being convicted and sentenced.

You’re right, there is that. He was only impeached, not convicted.

He fired a warmonger!
Then he first HIRED a warmonger. He fired a guy who disagreed with him because he was fuming at losing the election and looking to lash out at someone.

Back to the possible pardon, which I’ve heard a talk about on various MSNBC and Free Speech TV shows:

Donald Trump is becoming more fearful and anxious by the day. Above everything else, he desperately wants to save his own skin and avoid spending his remaining days outfitted in an orange prison jumpsuit. This is why, as the legal challenges to his humiliating defeat at the polls fail one by one, he will eventually shed his phony tough-guy facade and seek refuge in a presidential pardon for the myriad of federal felonies he may have committed.

There are other concerns. Trump’s Debt, Greed, And Loose Lips Raise Security Concerns After Office

Yes, I saw that, but I think the next two months are going to be the worst part of the nightmare concerning the dotard administration. The nightmare could very well get worse as he rages against democracy and the U.S. citizens. That said, if he does that and we succeed in stopping him, he’ll go to prison for a very long time for sure. Of course, he could very well have his Cult 45 followers use their guns against all of us. In which case, a LOT of people could go to prison. The next two months are going to be worse nightmare than before the election of President Biden.