Jerry Parker is undergoing tests at – Hospital in --. An ambulance took him to the hospital from his home. Complaining of weakness.
His home number –
Son in law Matt –
Daughter Janis –
[Edited to remove personal phone numbers and hospitalization details. If you have Jerry’s family’s permission to post these please post or PM, otherwise it is best to keep such information private. You can release it to interested parties by PM. dougsmith – Admin].

Thanks for that info, Lois. I have redacted personal details such as location and phone numbers for the sake of privacy. Anyone wishing that information can get them by PMing you.

Thanks for that info, Lois. I have redacted personal details such as location and phone numbers for the sake of privacy. Anyone wishing that information can get them by PMing you.
You"re right. Someone else tipped me off and I decide to remove the phone numbers but see you had already done it. Thanks. I wasn't thinking of the downside when I posted it. I just wanted his CFI friends to know. Anyone can contact me through a private message who wants to contact Jerry. Lois

Thanks Lois. Keep us up to date on anything you hear.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of very bad news. Jerry died Tuesday morning, according to his stepson, Matt. I don’t know any details and received this sad news from a mutual friend. Jerry’s daughter, Janice, lives in Hawaii and is due in soon.
I have a phone number if anyone would like it. I don’t have an address for condolence cards but I will try to find one.
Rest in peace, Jerry.

Very sorry to hear this news, Lois. We will certainly miss Jerry around here. I know we have at least one of Jerry’s family members around the Forum, and I extend my condolences to them as well.
Thank you for letting us know.

Very sad news. Jerry has been a mainstay of the forum for years and was one of the first people I got to know here. I had the pleasure of meeting him once and going with him to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson speak, and it was a great experience. We butted heads from time to time here, which I regretted, but he had a large and positive impact on the forum, and he will be missed. Lois, please let convey my condolences to his family as well if you can.

That is sad news and he’ll be sorely missed here. Condolences to his family and friends.

There will be a memorial service for Jerry at 1:30 on November 30th at the Pacific Unitarian Church, 5621 Montemalaga Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. All are welcome. There will be a brunch at noon.
I have phone numbers for his stepson and daughter. I am waiting to receive an address where you can send cards. If anyone wants this information, contact me.
I have permission from the family to publish this information and to invite friends who wish to attend the service.

Sad, sad news. He will be missed on the forum. Occam was one of the first people to respond to my posts and later contacted me via PM. Condolences to his family and close friends.
Cap’t Jack

This is rather unexpected, as the latest news in the other thread was rather positive.
I can only join in with you all: very sorry to hear this sad news. I hope that those who knew him well have positive memories about him, and wish them all the strength to live with their loss.
We will have less humoristic commentaries here.

Here is the latest infoemation I have had from Betty Saunders, who is more or less in charge of the service for Jerry. If anyone is interested in making a donation to the church, it will be appreciated. I will be unable to attend the service beause I will be out of town. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome.
Our service will take about an hour starting at 1:30 pm. I will ask Severin to play however, this is not part of his regular duties and so an honorarium of $200 to him would be appreciated. (While on the topic of money, Jerry was not a member of the church, so $300 for the church would be customary but not required)
I have permission o post this, including the email addresses and phone numbers.

Order of Service
Lighting of the Chalice
Opening Words - Rev. John
Hymn (Janice mentioned that Jerry had a favorite but she couldn’t recall what it was, any ideas?)
A Message About Life and Death - Rev. John
Eulogy (Does anyone want to deliver a eulogy? Usually about 10 minutes long on the story of his life. If not, I will do this but is there an obituary to draw on?)
Sharing Reflections on Jerry’s Life - the congregation
Music Reflection
Closing Words - Rev. John
We won’t have anyone in the office over that week end so we don’t have the capacity to produce an order of service. Any takers on producing a draft and having it run off?
Lunch will be served before hand.

Brightest Blessings,
Rev. John Morehouse
Lead Minister
Pacific Unitarian Church
5621 Montemalaga Drive
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Office: 310-378–9449
Cell: 310-710-6846
Betty Saunders

That’s so sad. A unique voice will no longer be heard. At least we got a chance to hear that voice for a while.

Jerry’s daughter Janice suggests memorial donations to
American Humanist Association (,
Freedom from Religion Foundation (,
Electronic Frontiers Foundation (
If anyone wishes to make a donation. Flowers would also be welcome.
Rather than the church. There is apparently some friction between the family and the church and they are not happy with the minister soliciting donations. The service will go on as planned.

This is really sad. He was always one of my favorite people around here. I finally get around to coming back around and well . . . crap.


Thanks for posting this Lois. I didn’t always agree with Occam but he always added something interesting to the conversation. How sad. he will be missed.

He was a great man. He will be missed.

Sad news indeed. I’m glad I got to know jerry, even if it was online and not in person. He challenged me to think about and criticize my beliefs. RIP.

Thanks for posting this Lois. I didn't always agree with Occam but he always added something interesting to the conversation. How sad. he will be missed.
Oh, I just realized Occam was Jerry Parker's nom de plume on the Forum. I learned a lot from his thoughtful posits and I shall miss him as mentor and Humanist.