Is Biden's popularity a sign of desparation for Dems?

Let’s face it, Joe Biden is a terrible candidate. He’s so out of touch that the first time he heard of “personal space” was just a few months ago. And I’m starting to think he may be the source of all gaffes in the universe.

4 years ago the unwanted touching, intentionally inappropriate or not, would have been enough to make any Democratic candidate crawl under a rock. Because it WAS inappropriate. And it CONTINUED to happen will into the Me Too movement. I, like those who were personally creeped out by him, do not think he was intentionally perving on anyone. But dude, there’s still something wrong with you if you go around sniffing womens’ hair! This is NOT new information!

And the gaffes! Oh, the gaffes! Haven’t we had enough idiot president saying stupid shit on a daily basis for one lifetime? And they are really, REALLY big, obvious gaffes that only an oblivious moron would do! Like taking on domestic violence by “punching at it and punching at it and punching at it”? And in the latest news he was angry at someone who challenged him, so he calls him a damned liar…and challenges him to a pushup contest? WTF is wrong with you? A display of manliness…what? Proves you’re right? I always though the whole “toxic masculinity” thing was total bullshit, but now I’m thinking, “Is THIS what they’re talking about?” If it is now I’m thinking they might be onto something.

Don’t get me wrong. Joe seems like a great guy. And a painted rock with a little hat and a lizard hiding under it would be a better president than we have now. But is THIS the guy we really want to put out in front of everyone and say, “Here’s the guy that represents me! THIS is my idea of the best candidate!”? He’s too old, he’s too moronic, he’s too out of touch. And yes, Bill Maher, I’m sorry, but there IS such a thing as too old. If you were president and a Supreme Court seat opened up a hundred year old guy would NOT be your nominee. If you’re taking bets on who is going to live the longest, all other things equal, the oldest man gets the longest odds. Age matters.

I really hope he’s not the nominee. We need someone respectable and that’s just not goofy, overly familiar, foot-in-his-mouth-again, riding Obama’s coat tails, old white guy Joe. And I hope the DNC learned their lesson last time about boosting the candidate they liked, who then lost because outside of the DNC she was just fundamentally unlikable. I kind of liked her. Except when she spoke. And she was mired in multiple Republican manufactured scandals. That was unfair, but let’s face it, public opinion of a candidate matters a hell of a lot more than whether or not that opinion is fair.

He’s far better than the dotard, but personally I do not want Biden as president either. However, if Bernie or Warren don’t make it to the final and Biden does, then I’ll vote for him, because 1. I’ve always voted Dem and 2. I don’t want the dotard to stay in office. Personally, I hope the dotard AND his cronies, which means “He Who Is Not Worth His Name” too, are impeached and locked up before the primaries.

So far, Biden’s biggest advantage is the larger portion of the black vote going to him, at this point. They know him, trust him, and know he was understudy to Barrack Obama. However, at this point in the '07 campaign (2 mos before Iowa) Clinton had the black vote, Barrack had hardly any.

OTOH unless Buttgieg is suddenly struck with the power of the Holy Spirit, there is not going to be another Candidate of the calibre of Obama, any time soon.

MAYBE Biden is the best person to take on T rump in the general. Maybe not. On the plus side, he is a good man and a rational man. (How refreshing that would be.) On the down side, he is old. If I am already questioning how he will do with 1 term, I imagine I would question a 2nd term in his 80’s. But who knows? Also on the down side, he seems to have decided that the activist part of the party has wrongly estimated that the overall constituency’s political aspirations has moved to the left. I tend to believe that Biden is wrong about that. Also he recently took up an anti marijuana position. So I wonder about his actual judgment.

I think it is time for the younger generation. I am tired of old white men and billionaires as presidential prospects.

We can have more material for speculation about where things stand when Iowa caucuses. I think Mayor Pete has a good chance of winning Iowa. If he could also do well in New Hampshire, and parley those into convincing the black vote to consider him, then he could be on his way (to a big time struggle, that he would have a shot at winning.)

And Bernie seems to be hanging in the race. Warren of course, still moving, but with a wee falter for the moment. But there are other good candidates and other fascinating candidates and other rich candidates but until the actual primaries begin, none of them are any closer than any other to the nomination.





Actually, that isn’t quite true. I don’t know where I read it (I’ll look for it after work), but black people were backing Kamala, until she dropped out of the race. As for Biden, some trust him, but not as many some articles let on. I can’t find it on the NAACP website, so it might not have been there, but after work, I’ll have more time to look for the article I read.

The really bad part is that Biden is probably the most likely to win out of all the Democratic candidates, but the least likely to fulfill any progressive promises. He’s the most middle of the road, the least offensive, the most empty.

On top of that, the other candidates are barely any better. The top three are all at least 70! They make the GOP look like a boy band.

@thatoneguy lol Actually, the GOP is about the same age around 70. That’s hardly a boy bad. Our government is mostly ran by boomers and has been for a while now. It’s time we get a few more Gen X’ers and Millennials in office and have a few less boomers, preferably not waiting until they drop dead in office. However, and this is my opinion, Warren, albeit a corporate Dem is far better than Biden. Bernie is better than both, despite his age. So we are kind of stuck with a few boomers in order to get where we want to be or we won’t get there. As you pointed out, we won’t get there with Biden, who is also a boomer and not an X’er.


is it my a false impression or are you actually honestly impressed with trump as our President (as opposed to a random loud mouthed casino owner)?

Wish some trump fan could explain what they see in a guy who can’t get through a day without lies, and who can be played like a toddler, who can’t accept responsible for mistakes, hell a guy resents learning, etc, etc.

Unless of course destroying our government is one’s priority - in that case I can see the appeal of trump since he’s damaged our government and our civil society probably more than any other single person in history. That he’s a Russian obligate with a crush on dictators really ought to have given everyone a clue, but we are a nation of brainwashed sheople so it goes . . . . .

As for Biden, lordie lordie will the Democrats ever learn.

Mriana, I think you are mistaken about Kamala. She was not, afaik, gaining substantially in the black vote. If she were, she would have stayed in the race thru So Carolina, where a substantial part of the Dem electorate is black. When she dropped out, she said she had no path that she could see to win. Perhaps Booker, the only black candidate for nominee left, could pick up some of the black vote, but he has to show something first. Like I said, the black vote didn’t start moving significantly toward Obama until AFTER he won in Iowa, in '08. (Tho Booker hasn’t qualified yet to be in the upcoming debate). My concern, now that it is clear that the 3rd Reich never died out in the USA, is that another black Presidential candidate will mobilize more of the mighty white whiteys to come out and vote for T rump. But I like Corey Booker as Pres.

T rump is destroying the foundations of our form of govt. And his constituents seem to love it.

Biden is still in USA '08 mode.

I am thinking that our best bet is what passes for the new generation moderate, Buttigieg, to be our candidate. He is moderate enough to keep the corporate hounds not as howly. But is young enuf to see the world as it is becoming. His gayness should not be as big a liability as it would have even earlier this century.


As far as Buttigieg currently polling at just about 0% among black voters, so far, I think that can change very significantly, depending on the particular contingencies that unfold. I doubt that black’s distrust him more than any other white person that they don’t know. They might not want to be the 1st black person to come out in favor of a gay man, but if he looks like he could win the nomination, that would change. Also Buttigieg would most likely choose a black woman as VP running mate (I know I would, if I were him). e.g., Stacy Abrams, Kamala, hell, Oprah, if she would do it.


I thought she dropped out due to lack of funds to continue the race. That’s what I understood.

I also understand that Buttigieg is a racist and doesn’t have any backing from the black community. I can’t stand him, so it doesn’t matter to me either way.

Kamala didn’t have enough funds, because her polling did not suggest to enough potential voters that she was a good enough investment for donations compared to other candidates that they might donate to.

Buttigieg is not a racist. He is a white man, like most white men who are somewhat clueless with understanding the “black experience”. He is getting a lesson in the complexities of such, that has been rather suppressed thru out the past century plus. He is young enough and smart enuf, I daresay, to figure it out. Also, I am pretty confident that the black community doesn’t generally perceive him as being a bigot. Mainly, I imagine that blacks just don’t consider him to be a viable candidate (yet). That will change if Buttigieg wins Iowa.

I like him because he is possibly the most intelligent candidate in the race. Also, other than being gay, he is in touch with being an average person. Also, he doesn’t make mistakes often, but he can admit them when he does, and learns from it. I don’t understand why you can’t stand him, Mriana. Does he remind you of an old boyfriend or something?

I am not 100% sold yet on Buttigieg. I am just thinking that he looks like the best overall pick for the breadth of the Democratic Party. We really need a candidate that can WIN, which requires a candidate that we can ALL get excited about, or at least get behind as if we are excited.

Biden is not exciting. Biden is history (a good part of history, IMO, all in all, but he is projecting going back to the way things were. The problem with that, is that where we were, lead to where we are. And where we are, is terrible.)



I’m not going for Biden or Buttigieg. Biden probably won’t undo much of what the dotard has done and even so, he won’t do student loan forgiveness or even reform, or healthcare for all, or attempt much of anything else. He’s also a corporate dem and I don’t see him doing a whole lot by way of doing something about climate change. However, Bernie did say something that was upfront and true- no one person, no one president can make all the changes that need to be done, not by him/herself, it takes many people, so whatever is done, will take the people and congress.

Now as far as why not, concerning Biden, because after all he was Obama’s VP, so why wouldn’t he do the things Obama worked on? Because he’s not Obama and he’s for large corporations. His agenda isn’t quite the same as Obama’s was nor is it like Warren or Sanders. As for beating the dotard- I don’t think Biden can. I think voting for Biden is playing right into the Russian’s voting hack job, in which they have already started with election ads and crap.

You may be right about Russian’s trying to influence the election by a hack job on Biden (i.e., riling up the Trumpists and independents who buy the propaganda). I am not as pessimistic as you Biden not getting back most of the stuff that T rump has destroyed that Obama started. But that wasn’t enough then, why should it be enough now? But Biden any day over T rump.

Likewise I will be happy were it Sanders over T rump. That would likely be an adventure to see how much of a revolution he can garner enough sustained support to accomplish. If he doesn’t make it, 4 years from now, there should be another Democratic Socialist who will be of age to run for President (a certain lady know as AOC).

But for now, we must defeat T rump, aka, the Dotard, (else 4 yrs from now too much damage may have been done to overcome). And I am thinking Buttigieg may be the best over all bet.



I personally don’t think Bettigieg is the best bet. I don’t think he can beat the dotard either. He’s also not as popular as Bernie, Warren, and Biden (if Biden is even popular at all). Bernie and Warren are still in the lead on the informal polls I’ve seen (CNN, MSNBC, Politica, etc)

Don’t get me wrong, I’d vote for a turd in a hat if that’s what the Dems put up. I’d even vote for Bernie, and I don’t like Bernie at all.

I understood that Kamala actually had a problem with black support. I didn’t confirm this myself, but my wife said it had something to do with her record as a prosecutor. Maybe putting too many black people behind bars in an unfair justice system biased against them? I have not independently confirmed this, though, and my wife has been known to give me headlines which I can’t independently confirm. Even she doesn’t know where she’s getting these stories, but they’re like the Russia propaganda, only for the left.

Of those 3. I would go with Warren, then Bernie, then Biden. And I would be grateful for any of them to be POTUS instead of T rump.

As far as Buttigieg, beating T rump, if he can win the Dem Nomination, he will be as good as anyone in defeating T rump. Also, recall that in '07, at the point in the primary process that we are in now, in '19, Obama, the eventual winner of that primary, was not noticeably very popular.

I think Buttigieg is the best bet. But there is also, still in the race, Corey Booker (who I like, but don’t think he is the best bet, because I realize the underlying power of racial bias that still exists in the USA). Also, there is Amy Klobachar. She is a bit too moderate for my tastes, but is still imminently acceptable, compared to T rump. She has going for her that she is a woman. But then she has going against her that she is a woman. (Being a woman candidate is a plus in my book as the Dem Nominee, but it has the downside that no woman has ever been elected POTUS).



Personally, I’m thinking Bernie is the best bet, but his age does concern me. Short of that, maybe Warren, even though she is a corporate dem, but only because her platform is similar to Bernie’s, with a little difference. I don’t think Buttigieg is all that great and I don’t think he’ll be of much help to minorities and women. I think he’s a mistake and he’s actually not all that popular. I don’t see him winning. I like Kamala, but she wasn’t my first choice and she’s now out of the running anyway. Cory Booker is OK too. Biden is just a no, because he’s not a thing like Obama and is more moderate than Klobachar. However, if you want a woman candidate, Warren, IMO, is better.

Everyone who goes thru the Presidential Nominee primary process gets worked over. The one who can come thru all of it, the best, wins. Kamala was a prosecutor. As such she probably put a lot of black ppl in jail. But having been a prosecutor also has positive experiential aspects. I don’t believe having been a prosecutor was a fatal flaw in her low poll numbers with blacks (tho it may have limited some early support). Again, I think the black electorate don’t make their ultimate decision this early in the primary. If she could have stayed in, and actually won a primary, I believe her polling among blacks would have shot up. But now that potential path is left for Corey B. (Although, Kamala was probably correct in getting out now, because of being such a longshot). She also needed to get out because she still wants to get re-elected to her current office, and it would not look good if she were defeated in the primary in her own state of California. And like getting out of a college class that you are likely to fail, you must drop the class by a certain date, if you don’t want it on your record. She had to get out now, to get herself off the primary ballot in California.

She is now set up to be a possible VP running mate, or even Attorney General for a new administration. At least it’s possible.

lol Actually, the GOP is about the same age around 70. That’s hardly a boy bad. Our government is mostly ran by boomers and has been for a while now. It’s time we get a few more Gen X’ers and Millennials in office and have a few less boomers, preferably not waiting until they drop dead in office.
GOP is a young 70 compared to the severely out of touch dems.

Yeah, boomers all around — sad but true. There’s some talk that a Gen X president is nearly impossible because it’s a small generation in between two much larger ones. I hope not as they would probably be a nice change of pace before a millennial gets elected.

However, and this is my opinion, Warren, albeit a corporate Dem is far better than Biden. Bernie is better than both, despite his age. So we are kind of stuck with a few boomers in order to get where we want to be or we won’t get there. As you pointed out, we won’t get there with Biden, who is also a boomer and not an X’er.
Agreed. If I was a democrat I’d probably focus on Warren even though she’s only a little less terrible than Biden.