Infuriating 'success' story.

Good lord this is dumb.
This happened where my Dad lives a couple months ago. Girl (who is a minor) gets black out drunk, and passes out on some stranger’s patio in subzero temps. Gets hands and toes amputated, goes through a coma, and nearly dies.
Absurdly, she tried to defend it

'People can say that I was underage drinking in college and that's what caused it, but in reality had it been a sunny day, I would've woken up and been like, "Oh my gosh, what am I doing here,'" Lommel said. 'I just want people to be aware that this happens to people all the time, unfortunately. Beware of the cold.'
How moronic. She thinks the cold is the thing that made it dangerous. Since when is being black out drunk alone at a stranger's house and laying unconscious only dangerous in winter? In the summe she could have been kidnapped, raped, murdered, or (during the day time) had a heat-stroke or any other kind of health issue. This is what I can't stand-- why do people like this try to sidestep accountability when they do idiotic stuff like this? She refuses to admit that taking 10 tequila shots and underage drinking was the mistake. These kind of people never say, "I made a mistake, I'm paying the price." If you're familiar with my posts, you know I'm very finely calibrated to recognize when (typically young) women refuse to accept responsibility/accountability and how much it troubles me deeply.

It’s not just women, C.E. We humans do all sorts of insane things just to satisfy an immediate desire. The results are often, but not always, damaging. Example: Two guys at opposite ends of a bar are drinking and both get blind drunk. Each goes to his car to drive the five miles home. One weaves along the road, pulls into his driveway, staggers into his house and falls asleep. The only problem is the hangover the next morning. The other guy misses noticing a traffic light turning red, goes though it and slams into a car, killing an entire family.
The first guy will think “I’m not going to mix my drinks so I can avoid a hangover” (which doesn’t work). The last thing the second guy wants to do is admit that he was a stupidly drunk jerk. Rather, he’ll come up with all sorts of excuses, “My girlfriend left me”, “My job is very stressful”, “The brakes must have failed”, etc.
We don’t want to admit our own stupidity, so we come up with silly excuses, and that’s what that girl did.

As someone who identifies as an alcoholic and addict, it is obvious to me that admitting that the choice to drink or drug was where things went wrong, is something no person with a substance abuse problem wants to address. It means they may he have to examine their substance abuse and (“Hell no!”) start to modify or stop that behavior. I blamed everything under the sun for my problems. I would not even entertain the idea that it could have been to do with drinking and drugging. I caused a lot of suffering for myself and others for many years to protect my substance issue from any scrutiny.
We do this to some degree as a culture, but that has changed through time. Drunk driving laws are a world away from where they were when I was a kid. As a culture, we used to think drunkenes was somehow a state of innocence, and we still have the tendency to do that to a lesser degree today.

I appreciate your insights. Thank you!

We used to get kids like this all the time when I worked PICU. They would drink themselves into a stupor and to the point they were not breathing effectively. If they were lucky, someone would call 911 and they would come in so we could put them on a ventilator until their blood alcohol fell and they could breath again. I would argue to keep them on the vent until they were sober, so they would remember the experience. Of course I would suction them (VERY uncomfortable) and we would have a little discussion before they would be extubated. I never had anyone come through twice…to my knowledge.

This is what I can't stand-- why do people ... try to sidestep accountability
Sadly, it seems to have become a common national trait.