Fucked Up Categories...

Don’t wanna crash any party, but this are my thoughts of the day, my love locked up, rightfully, and me lonely and crying…
Sorry to say this, but I’m fed up and fucked up by “categories”. Drives me fuckin’ mad!
I’m a damn human being, not a fucking robot or a sheep!
Yeah, of course I had a confrontation with my parents again. Can you believe this shit? I’m nearly 40 but whenever we cross paths I feel like I’m 15, as that’s how I’m treated. - I respect your damn religion. I think it’s silly and fucked up, but if you like it… fine with me. Being considered “sick” is not fine with me, at all. I’m not sick! … Freaks me out!
Being offered “treatments” for homosexuality is just one part of the madness. I’m sorry, it’s my parents, I respect and admire them, but this bull
shit drives me up the wall!!!
They knew I was a drunk early on. Being called to school, the police office in the next town (as ours didn’t have one)… but it was all about alcohol… which I admit is a problem. I drink way less now but I’m in no way “a sober individual”, if you wanna put it that way.
“Coming out” was about the shittiest thing I could have done considering the conservative context I was facing. Shit! … Bad choice? No. Truth is never a bad choice, despite the consequences. - But given this shit right now, I should have waited. Simple hint: my parents are “informed” by Rush Limbaugh and that (unfortunately quite pretty) nutcase named Ann Coulter. Forget the rest. You get the picture.
Hey, I have no problem with conservative politics. We need the balance not to go overboard. But this shit is not politics… it’s hateful rhetoric, on the level of a crack-head ranting at officers… literally.
Categories… they are beginning to fuck my head. Who am I? - I’m nobody! I’m just me! - So get your fucking pipe out of my face and get a fucking life! … Not that easy, I know, and I love my love to death without regrets… but these categories… they freak me out…
Sorry. Just a post.
Peace, my secular brothers… or sisters… or trannies… or whatever :slight_smile: Grammar is shitty, but that’s for the second round :slight_smile:

I’m curious Michelle, what age did you start drinking? And, what faith do your parents belong to?

I'm curious Michelle, what age did you start drinking? And, what faith do your parents belong to?
Hey Danny... I sometimes need my little rants to clear my head. Nothing too serious. But they are real. I think I started drinking at 13. By 15, apparently, I was pretty wasted and it showed. - I have really great parents by the way. There's a lot more tied into this madness I'm trying to make sense of... like a nutty small town... which I'm really proud of except for its "soccer department"... and bla, bla, bla... just comes up now and then. My parents are Catholics. Nominal then, very deeply now. Oh my, I must have lost it last night. No idea what happened. Funny thing, it's 6 o'clock and I'm up and running. Peace.