Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Jan 5, 2022 speech

I haven’t been able to listen to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s entire speech. but I will soon as I can. But it’s not tonight, …
still I thought it was important to start a timely thread on AG Garland’s efforts. I’ll bet it’s going to get interesting.

Understand the Jan. 6 Investigation

Both the Justice Department and a House select committee are investigating the events of the Capitol riot. Here’s where they stand:

From what I’ve heard, it sounded pretty impressive, and that’s coming from one of the impatient ones. Still law and order and justice and protecting our government is important and experts are experts, and be it law, or justice, or science, it takes time to collect the facts, process them, and move forward.

Anyone here listen to it? Any thoughts on things that Garland spoke about?

Ho hum :scream: :neutral_face:

For the text of Merrick Garland’s speech

I’d have more to write, but can’t afford suffering from sleep deprivation, especially not these next two days, so no can do. I had also hoped someone(s) else around here might have some interesting thoughts on the situation.

Though I have had a chance to listen to the full speech, just over half hour so wasn’t as long as I’d originally assumed. I found it to be an excellent talk and found myself impressed with the man and encouraged, I’ve stuffed some of my impatience and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

We shall see. :us: