I can't find a Solution

Will its a long story, but I will give you the important information only.

I’m sorry for my bad English

It’s been more then 10 years.

Every thing start when I traveled to my grandfather home where every member of my relatives live its really a big house more like 7 houses in one, . I spend 1 week only there. I used to be fat I was 16, I did not have any problem I can eat anything.

  1. when I returned to my house, I start getting allergy from almost any thing I eat. the only thing I can eat is boiled vegetable. I lost more then 18 kg. I visited the doctor and he said there is nothing wrong with me.

2 ) I was stupid enough to return to them ( I had no understanding of supernatural power yet ), I wanted to Attends a University there but for some reason they told me that the field I wanted is not available there, even thought I find it at the website, I really didn’t think too much after I pass the exam, at that time the bad things started happening to me, one of them is the nightmares.

  1. If some one from them is near my room or going to come inside my room, I feel a pain in my leg, before they come, if I want to go to them (the house is really big) when they don’t want me , I feel really bad feeling (I learned after 5 years) , that when they hide some thing and don’t want me to see it or hear them talking. If I told them about something good happened with me it turned bad.

4 ) If they see a handbag or dress on me it get burn or cut, one of my relative saw my shoes and said its really beautiful, after that every time I buy one it get cut on the day one, in the universe or street. I started to wear black sport shoes after that, only one and one handbag I don’t change it like I used to do. I went to many parties with my friends, but when my relative throw a party (that I felt they don’t want me to attend ) but my mother insist that I got go, after the party I get a big scary black spot on my leg I never saw it before in any person. like this one http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vhp_I0IKo0M/TY9I9Zwl07I/AAAAAAAAAWc/hcZZ15rrBVY/s1600/leg+001.JPG

  1. one of my relatives wanted to put a braces/orthodontics, so they asked me if I know some one from the doctors because I have a friend that can recommended the best. I told them that my friend don’t know any good dental you have to find one your self. Just like that, I knew they didn’t believed me, but I didn’t care, the next 3 month I got 4 wisdom teeth growing at the same time causing my front teeth to displacement.

Will I told my parent about that , they said I’m just imagining things.

6 ) from time to time I get this sudden feeling of scared and depression, it goes for 10 to 15 mins and goes away, (exactly when they get together) I just trying to relax and not to think about it cause at that point I convinced myself that I’m crazy and imagining things just finish the f__ collage and go back.

At this point I just keep deny every thing that I feel and see.

this time my aunt get sick moved to the hospital my grandmother said only one of the girls can go, my 2 cousins wanted to go so badly I really didn’t mine but my gm said that I’m the one who should go this time, because she is my aunt ( she is only far relative for them ), and they already visited her 2 days ago in her house, and the week before that. They seemed agreed about that, so I went to my room to change and suddenly felt like a bomb is been threw into my chest a feeling that I wished to die just to get rid of it. I heard a fight between my cousins and gm, they wanted to go and they wanted me to stay and not to go at alllllll not today not tomorrow not any time. Of course I did not go, so they win.

  1. Every member of my family called me calm/cool/so Quiet, a lot of them told me they wish there daughters to be as calm as me. I became angry all the time I hate sleeping I cant set in the same place for so long, I can not focus at all.

5 years I understand and see the patterns, It was so obvious there is some thing wrong with them (specific members), my uncle’s wife told me that she has one thing she get sick if they saw her so she stop doing it, I know that this thing is the only thing that they care to destroy it, but me I has more than 100 things I feel that they want me to be a living dead (not even dead) .

I find out that any thing goes against there desires goes wrong…

If I tried to resist I get sick or I get bad feeling that will not stop until I tell them I will stop.

When they speak behind my back ( when they are upset about some thing ) I feel a headache / electricity in my body, It make me stop every thing I cant even sleep not until they stop. Even though I’m in another country now.

When they want to make connecting with me my leg start Pulsing (even before I know about it). If I ignored them it will not stop, unless they talk to me.

( if they send a whatsapp message and I ignore it )

If I have some thing good, something that they can’t get it, I lost it.

I finished my study I didn’t even waited for my Degree, I returned to my home, I cut all connection to them ( my mother still connecting with them) I thought that will stop everything, but It became worst!! Any feeling that used to stayed 15 to 20 mins becomes week to months, Before they call my mother I get the same feeling, when there is some thing good happened to me (I have 2 uncles in my city they told them every thing about me) or some thing bad happened to them, I get this bad feeling I cant get rid of . If they get sick the same things happened, one of my cousins got pregnant I really didn’t know when that, but before one week before giving birth,I started to have new syndrome, I CAN NOT SLEEP!! , I find out after 3 weeks about that.

Every thing that comfort me I can’t do it any more, for example I used to listen to music all the time English, Japanese, Germany Russian music, one time one of my cousin asked me why I spend all the time in my room relaxing and don’t get out to sit with her mother, I told her that I like sitting alone in my free time listening to music she insist to take the Headsets and see, in the same week I get (Inflammation of the middle ear) and after 10 years I still has it.

I visit two Psychologist they give me some medicine, I tried lyrica, tramadol, but even when I’m under the effect of all that I still feel it.

some one advice me to read Quran, Bible, I read quran for 3 years and I read bible this year 2019 , But (I’m sorry to say that) there is no use.

Now I read in spirituality and found about psychic attack, I tried to do some steps…

please If you have any advice to help please help.