I can change the weather

I know it sounds strange but it is. I also know because it feels when someone from the next apartment connects with my head, then the sky above me changes radically. I’ve had enough of these squeaks in my head and constant experimenting with my head. Is there any institute that can help me? Please.

There will be a rain-dance Friday night, weather permitting.

I recently found out about this group. They are West coast based, but they have contacts around the world. I’m sure they would at least answer your contact request. There are also doctors and other licensed professionals in the world that can answer questions about things going on inside your head.

I will explain it differently: anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night, for example, when I put my head in the microwave for a few seconds, after a while all the clouds from above my sky disappear. If you read the Bible, it says it will have a son of man.

When microwave ovens first came out, a neighbor of mine had one that didn’t work, that is, you could open it and it would still run. She knew that was bad, but she stuck her hand in the oven while it was running, sending out microwaves. After a while she complained about her hand hurting. Of course, she was cooking her hand, slowly.

If you block the contactor from the door then the microwave works. I just tried it for a few seconds. It hurts a lot … I have no evidence that I can control the weather but there is certainly an institution that can check me with the right current and frequency, just like these people do to me.

Yes, please find someone immediately and have yourself checked. Meanwhile. Stop doing that with the microwave. I really hope you are kidding.

<p style=“text-align: right;”>With the microwave I tried once to be sure in my conviction.</p>