Galactic Wave-X 5D energy thing coming soon

Just thought you’d want to know about this, since it will get to all of us eventually.]
The only solid thing I could find to track was something an announcement about a change of money. Otherwise, you should see more loving going on, although it’s not clear exactly how much.

I’ve seen a lot of new age garbage in my life, and this ranks right near the top.

Do people actually “believe” this horse-hocky? Maybe this new “religion” will eclipse Scientology as being the latest belief fad. Just throw in a loose mix of Xtianity, preferably from Revelations where you can interpret it anyway you like, a little Science e.g. Astronomy (very little), mix in a Scandinavian religious reference, the Moon, a must for those end timers looking for celestial signs and voila! Yet another new belief emerges. Just what we need. Oh, and Obama is an alien.
Cap’t Jack

A friend of mine does. That’s all she posts on Facebook. Usually it’s astrology, or something about the blood moon, or whatever is going on in the sky that can have a significance attached to it. I had some long discussions with her when she put up a bunch of stuff on feminine power taking over and she’s backed off on that. What was different about this one is that it includes everyone. We’re all going to get hit by this wave, in three phases. I’ve also argued with her about these hierarchy things she always does. She says it’s about equality, then immediately says some people can sense it and some can’t. I’m sure that’s now this one will end up. A year from now, after wave 3, they’ll be saying that some still are not acknowledging it or something.

Oh yes! I’ve seen topics in another forum I frequent about “Ascension Symptoms”, in other words what to look out for to tell you that you’re in the process of ascending to a higher order. There followed a long, long list, including such things as forgetting someone’s name or birthday, having dreams about flying, feeling a tingling in your arms or legs, hearing vague noises and/or music late at night… common things that everyone experiences at one time or another. And these people take this seriously.

Oh Grodd! The false vacuum collapsed!
Stupid, lazy ass universe. Couldn’t reach ground state right the start huh? Noooo. You had to trick us then kill us all. Well we’d best start looting and pillaging before it hits us.