Possible psychic???

i never believed in this stuff, and i scoff at the idea. But recently alot of people started saying i was damn neat psychic for various reasons. It never occured to me because cooncidences exist. But after so many friends and family members asking how i knew certain things or me randomly thinking about something then they end up watching or eating or reading what im thinking. I decided to give it a try. I messaged a random stranger and tried to pictire three things in my head. I pictured a strawberry yogurt container, a softball flying to a batter far away, and a vannilla ice cream being scooped. And then the craziest thing. She loves icecream lokes yogurt and played softball for 13 years. Also when i said something about seeing the batter from afar i asked the position she played and it got stranger. She said she was a pitcher!!! How could i have pictured that?! I know nothing about anything paranormal and ive never researched the topic, but im just wondering if anyone can explain what this means? Or maybe if it is just coincidence which i think it is. Thank you for reading this massive text post, and I apologize. as i type this idk why but i imagine so many various mugs. Nobody drinks out of mugs anymore. Oh and car keys. I figured id throw those in, just in case it means anything at all. Ill be waiting on replies!!!

Amazing! I still drink my coffee from a mug – a Skeptical Inquirer mug, to be exact. Too bad you didn’t visualize a dark blue ceramic mug with white lettering. And I happen to have car keys in my pocket! Astounding! :slight_smile:

It’s not a coincidence, it’s called retro-fitting. If you want to, you can fit almost any random image into your life somewhere. Who doesn’t like ice cream? And the baseball thing; would it have counted if she had been a catcher instead of a pitcher? Or a third baseman? Or just a fan in the stands?

Of the people on the field, the pitcher is the second closest person to the batter. How un-amazing can you get? I’m guessing you are a person who spends a lot of time in coffee shops, thinking that you are observing mainstream America when you are actually part of something fairly new and hopefully temporary. I work in an office. Lots of mugs.

Skepticalbutopen, you’re doing the psychic equivalent of throwing darts at a wall, drawing bulls-eyes around them, then claiming you’re great at darts.

I will never say you are not psychic, but your evidence and methodology are of the lowest quality and are of almost no value to anyone who understands how to conduct an experiment.

On the weekend my daughter and I were talking about making mugs to sell at the local tea house and I lost my regular set of car keys on Saturday so was forced to use the spare set until they were found on Sunday. Does that count as a hit? How thin of a connection is too thin for you to claim a hit on your imagined items?

Be specific in your predictions, the more specific the better.

Most “psychics” are fully aware of the tricks they are using to get the information. A few truly believe they are psychic and are completely unaware how good their subconscious is at picking up subtle clues.

Our brains are actually hard-wired to spot patterns, even when no pattern exists. You will literally forget all about the hundred times you were wrong and only remember the five times you were right because the times you were right are the times which make an impression. There have been scientific studies into psychic powers. There have been double blind tests run. In every single case, without fail, when you eliminate the external influences with give subconscious clues all “psychic powers” disappear.

Yeah considering i said i didnt believe in psychic at the very start, and the only two things that came into mind applied to two peoples lives is weird, but you are right. Idk how to experiment with what i see as an imaginary power created by just chance. Imagine if i said fuckin brown L couch, and flat screen tv with el camino playing. And it happened to be what you were doing. Would that also be considered darts? Also what would be a good way to test it. Considering i couldnt have gotten cues from an online forum and ive mever met you guys. Will be awaiting constructive replies. Because if this is a real thing, id love to help people.

And no i dont think id draw a line with migs and keys to you making mugs, and losing your keys. Or be holding a mug while resding this with keys in your pocket. Especially not if your mug happens to be skeptical inquirer which is my name. None of that seems psychic to me at all. i was just throwing this out there to get advice on how to test it further, or something idk. also, thanks for all the reasons its not real also, ive had the exact same thoughts since i made this thread and got all the damn articles abpit claircognizance from my girlfriend lol.

If u reach enuf ppl, a couple of them may be fucking on a brown L sofa while their flat screen is playing and an el camino appears in a scene.

Have u ever watched the TV evangelists who start praying aloud and saying they “sense someone with a gall bladder problem being healed”, then they "sense someone with a problem with their lungs being healed’, and so forth and so on? Chances are some people in their audience has an affliction that they might be talking about, and some of those may actually start feeling better. Is it the power of almighty God at play, or is it a manipulation using probabilities?

Exactly my point my guy, being specific doesnt make it easier to experiment, because of the law of probability. In a population no matter what you say, it applies to someone. I know the logic behind it. So maybe testing one on one without any cues? This aint your magic 8 ball you got on display. Im asking a legitimate question for the psychic believing community. On an inquiry forum. On how to prove, disprove, test, or practice. Something like this

And i mean the breaking bad movie el camino Tim. I do suggest watching it, its in netflix

Imagine if i said fuckin brown L couch, and flat screen tv with el camino playing. And it happened to be what you were doing. Would that also be considered darts?
It would be considered darts if you simply throw it out there for all to see and wait for a response.

If you direct that specific scenario to one specific person at one point in time, then their response could be used as a data point in your investigation. And you need to use the response from the person even if it is a negative. No cherry-picking your results.

You’d also have to draw a line on what you consider a hit. For example, if it was a blue L couch and El Camino was playing on an old CRT television, would you consider that a hit?

Im going to try that, i mean i tried that and just said three things when i met someone. But was told that wasnt a valid way either. i guess being specific is the diference between darts, and actually reaching out. thank you guys. If anyone gets any info let me know. As of now ima just settle with clair anything is just mentalist pointed guessing. I just wanted to hear some opinions of non skeptics to get the full picture

All who have responded on this thread, so far, appear to me to be skeptics. CFI forums are primarily populated by skeptics. Some non-skeptics lurk and participate in this particular forum. (paranormal and pseudoscience forum) But I do not see where any have yet responded to you.

I am pretty sure that the supernatural believers will hail your abilities and encourage you to accept and enhance your supernatural skill.


Not that you actually have a supernatural skill, but the believers in the supernatural will typically assume that you do. The Supernatural believers believe and spread beliefs in the supernatural. But it’s all bunk.

As of now ima just settle with clair anything is just mentalist pointed guessing. I just wanted to hear some opinions of non skeptics to get the full picture
Thanks for actually considering the responses. You don't often see that on forums. If you develop your powers, please send me winning lottery numbers in a private message :)

Lausten, hedging your bets by requesting lottery numbers? You silly agnostic, you.

No different tv and a couch wouldnt be a hit cuz thats not what i said? Im confused by that to be honest. And if pyshic knowing existed, id want it to be like illness or disaster related to save people. Ill throw out 6 powerball numbers just for the hell of it tho. 2, 11, 19, 20, 25

You said 6 numbers, but that’s only 5. If 6 are needed, here is the 6th: 17

Somebody, take a risk (what is it $2 for a powerball ticket?). And we can, now, just sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

No the 6th is supposed to be 40. I didnt notice it wasnt in the list. We cant buy a ticket cuz if that actually works it woudlnt reallt be fair. Just make note of the numbers and check the next powerball drawing

The next drawing is on Oct 30th. So the magic #'s are 2, 11, 19, 20, 25, and 40. It only pays off $140 Million, but, hey, it’s for science.

This could be a historical bit of evidence for the existence of psychic ability. Or just a waste of $2 or $3, (whatever a ticket costs).