My name is Neil Rodrigues. I’m the creator of Yonkey’s World, a blog I built in 2020 which describes my personal thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Now, I’ve come to this community because I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

Couple interesting things about me:

I did the 16 personality type quiz a few weeks ago and I’m an INFJ-A Advocate personality type. The rarest one!



According to Richard Dawkins, I would be classified as a “Strong Theist”.

100% probability of God. In the words of Carl Jung: "I do not believe, I know."

Al Aqsa Under Attack



Is there a specific question you’re asking me? I haven’t been following this story.

Israel’s Celebration of Destruction, Dispossession and Desecration

I don’t mean to be rude, but hasn’t Isreal and Palestine always been fighting? What’s new now?


Hezbollah raises war readiness to 100%: Report



I still don’t get why you posted this news story here… What does their conflict have to do with me?

Are you a christian zionist?

No… I don’t even know what a zionist is. I’m actually Roman Catholic, not Jewish.

Who said anything about being a Jew?


I looked up Zionism here and it seems more like a Jewish issue than Christian:


You cant read



Neither can you. I said I’m not a Christian Zionist.

No you didnt. You said you are not Jewish

Alright, well clearly this news item matters to you. Can you explain to me why I should care about it, a non-Zionist?

Armageddon when greater Israel is realised. This is your dearly want.

When did I ever say I wanted this? Where did I ever say I was a Zionist? Do you stereotype all Christians equally?

It is in your book that you have faith in. Gods word

So what? There’s a lot of things in the Bible. There’s a lot of things in the Quaran. There’s a lot of things in the dictionary.

It still doesn’t make me a Zionist.