I have some thoughts on faith/religion/God on my blog in the Caleb entries. Please read and discuss your thoughts here! ?

This entry is what I’d like feedback on specifically. “Caleb: Faith”:

I understand how hard it is to have faith in a God you can’t physically see. Many people question whether or not he exists, and if so, for what purpose? There was a time in my past where I asked myself these very same questions. There were many more, but essentially it all boiled down to a single one — why me?

Why was I created the way I am, and others created the way they were? After all, we all have unique gifts and abilities. But at the time, I could only focus on my weaknesses and failures. I couldn’t understand why God would want such an imperfect creature.

In time, I learned that no one and no thing in this universe is perfect, including God himself. We were created with his likeness, but none of us have the same power as him. In that sense, he too is unique and alone.

Then it hit me — I am here because he wanted me to be here. He wanted my talents in order to serve others and myself. He wanted me to physically exist in this same universe with you, because he cannot.

He wanted us to be separated from him for a reason — a reason which I cannot answer. However, being separated does not have to mean being alone.

We are designed to form relationships and bonds with each other. We’re meant to experience hardships and struggles in order to properly appreciate wellness and happiness.

We function as a team, even as an archangel, we all have roles to play and live up to once we’re ready. My role is to help you to see the light and to guide you towards it.

Someday you’ll physically join it and be united with God. But until then, remember that I’m always listening and here to help.



Your God is not perfect and he cannot enter this Universe?

Correct. If he were perfect, he wouldn’t create such flawed creatures. And if he were physical, we’d be able to see/hear him.

Inperfect in what sense? Morally? And what is beyond the universe if such exists?

I was thinking imperfect in every way imaginable. Nothing is perfect in our universe.

I have no idea what lies beyond our universe. I only assume God resides there, in some other dimension than the physical one we’re in.

My understanding on what you just said is God is not the ultimate authority on morality.


Assuming wouldnt not be a very helpful tool in a truth discovery exercise.

My understanding on what you just said is God is not the ultimate authority on morality.
How did you come to that conclusion? I believe he is the topmost authority, but just like judges on Earth, he's not perfect and is fully capable of making mistakes.

What mistakes has he made in the morality department?

And why do you assume things when making truth claims?

Ok I won’t assume, I’ll redirect:

Is it considered “immoral” to be an atheist?

Thiests would say yes. But asking me - no.

Interesting. So you think rejecting the highest authority on morality, isn’t immoral?

You said your God could be wrong.

Lol, good point! ?

So how do you know when God is morally right and when wrong?

Well, my morals are defined by society’s modern-day laws and ethical practices. I don’t know how God defines morality or whether it coincides with my definition or not.

I assume it does… but you don’t like assumptions so… ?

So what do you when your morals clashes with Gods?

Advocate on behalf of myself. Same thing I’ve been doing all my life.

This is all hypothetical, of course. You do realize I haven’t actually met God yet, right? ?

You go against your Supreme being?

Self-defense isn’t necessarily going against someone. It’s more about standing up for yourself.