Hello from eastern Ontario, Canada

I was brought up in an evangelical environment and went to Bible College during my early 20s with 1 question: What is the meaning of life?
After dropping out at the end of the 1st semester because I was accumulating too many Qs and no valid answers, I ended putting my religion “on trial” which eventually led me to reject Christianity and Judaism based on the concept of sin. (I must admit now with hindsight that my logic back then wasn’t completely sound.)
Later on, I ended up rejecting any “revealed religion” and I’ve been a fervent scientific agnostic for about 20-some years.
My interests currently lie in:

  • Psychology especially: cognitive biases, paradigm shift (of the individual), evolutionary psychology, and psychology of beliefs (in general)
  • Evolution, epistemology, and evolutionary epistemology
    I find it interesting that there isn’t a specific category on this forum that explicitly includes Psychology.
    I realize it is implicitly included within “Science and Technology” yet I feel there should be a specific place to discuss topics such as “Confirmation Bias” since it seems to me central in questioning our own human paradigms.
    Is it possible to create a subcategory under “Science and Technology”?
    Rob :slight_smile:

Hi there Rogga.
There’s loads of psychology outlets in this forum.
They’ll fit in General Discussion, Sci-Tech, Religion, Humanism etc…
There’s probably a psychology related thread in every sub-forum somewhere. :slight_smile:

Welcome RoGGa. I have a background in psychology and behavior analysis. I look forward to joining in discussions.

Welcome to the CFI forums. I could have written the first line of your post, and left seminary for the same reason. Looking forward to you participating here.