hey, hi, hallo...

an old atheist, skeptic, and cynic from way back. i used to be quite involved in online communities related to philosophy and science on various platforms over the years (a group of mine even hosted a cfi event or two in SecondLife a number of years back), and am thinking to get back involved again somehow.
my return to ‘active involvement’ is out of concern stemming from the apparent rise of evangelical/creationist/religious thinking in the US and around the world, which i think is also not unrelated to the nationalist, anti-globalist, and anti-intellectual trends we’re seeing in some contexts. even though atheism seems to be also on the rise in most of the world, it seems to be more than counterbalanced by a movement towards fundamentalism and extremism on the religious side, and recent events seem to be bearing that out.
so, i figure it’s time for people who see things a bit more critically and rationally - and hopefully more calmly and reasonably - to start speaking up a bit more.
thanks for your time…
…i now return you to your regularly scheduled stuff you’d normally be doing about this time.

...i now return you to your regularly scheduled stuff you'd normally be doing about this time.
welcome back. Jump on in, let the dialogue begin, we'll be keeping any eye open for you. :cheese:

Welcome to the forums. I look forward to your contributions.

Hello there. Even I am a newbie. Happy to join the forum and looking forward to great discussions.