My name is Martin Moe

I’m happy to become a member of CFI. When I was teenager back in the 1950s I found that questioning the veracity of religion and refusing to become a member of a Christian church and pointing out that the beliefs and structures of religion were obviously just a reflection of human behaviors and motivations rather than directives of an omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient supernatural being would lead to discussions with the pastor, marginalization by my peers, and distress to my parents. At that point I did not rail against the irrationality of religion, but did not join the church either. Studying science and winding up as a marine biologist cemented my beliefs that humanity created religions rather than the opposite. I have worked as a fishery biologist and aquaculturist for many years and written many books and papers along the way, but always exercised free thought and openly argued against the popular perception that supernatural beings, including gods, angels, devils and other manifestations of the human imagination actually existed. One avenue I have sort of begun to follow is to try to capture the interest and also the germ of rationality that lives within every human through writing in non academic but interesting ways that hopefully will stimulate thought and reason without creating a visceral reaction to a “you are so stupid” message. I’ll post one of my efforts in the General forum soon.

Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here. Please stick around and contribute to the discussions.