Hello from Texas

Fairly new to atheism. Long time christian who finally outgrew the BS of religion- it just didn’t make sense anymore.
Wanted to say this also- the way I keep my sanity nowdays is to interact with other non religious people every day, either online or in person. Talking to others discussing our tribulations and successes is how I keep from slipping into loneliness and depression and despair. Religious groups do have that connection going on to keep themselves upbeat ( if not deluded ) and the loss of that connection and brother/sisterhood is a major stumbling block for many of us. Stay in contact with each other, discuss what is going on be it good or bad. We as humans need that connection, it is vital to our well being.
Peace :wink:

People, can’t live without 'em.

Welcome to the CFI Forums, Ro. You’ll find we’re a pretty dysfunctional family here, just like normal people.

Hello Everyone.

Hello I am Tanya. Glad to meet you.