Hanging up the hat

Hey folks,

Just to let you know I’ll be resigning as lead Admin on the Forums. I find I just don’t have the time and bandwidth to take this task on anymore, and you all certainly deserve better than that.

I started in this position in early 2007, back when the Forum was barely getting started, so it’s been quite a ride!



Just to add: I’m not sure at this point who my replacement will be. I’ll let you know if and when I hear anything on that front.

Thanks Doug. I’ve learned a lot since being here. I can’t remember if you ever reprimanded me for anything, but if you did, it was an honor. Good luck in all you do.

Thanks, Doug for your hard work. It can’t have been easy trying to moderate this forum. Good luck in all your future endeavors. I hope you’ll stay on as a forum member and participate in the discussions. Your insights would be valuable.



We’re going to miss you, but I hope you still occasionally visit and post a comment or more when you can.

Doug as an occasional poster would be a plus.

I agree, it would be a plus.

It would be nice if you missed this place and decide to return. But the way the last week has been, that’s unlikely .

All the best and hopefully we’ll see you around as a regular contributor.

Likewise here Doug.

As one who probably hasn’t always made your job any easier, Thank You! For all you’ve done here.

As for CFI Forum for all its flaws I sure hope it sticks around. Too much potential for us not to keep at it.


Doug, it would be nice to hear from you as a regular poster. You do make some great observations.

Best of luck going forward!!!



Thanks you all. We’ll see where the future leads!

It pisses me off that nobody seems to even notice you leaving. Doug you’ve done a great job keeping the forum open and honest without any one radical group ranting their opinions for everyone to agree to. You don’t agree with my arguments, but you have refused to ban me because I don’t agree with you. That’s true character imo and it’s really sad that other people don’t see this.

Exmachina, nobody is a big word. It’s really not the same around here without Doug. BTW, mckenzievmd has quietly left and no one has noticed, except me and maybe Lausten. We only have two mods currently.

It pisses me off that nobody seems to even notice you leaving.
I'm nobody.

Doug, I’m new here and don’t know you, but I love this place, so thank you for that.

If people are dropping off it’s probably because of the glitches inherent in CFI Forums. I seldom look in myself these days. It’s just too much trouble. I’m given the option to sign in with my fingerprint, but every time I’ve done it, I am told “something went wrong” and I must sign in manually anyway. And more than once I have written a response only to be told I have already sent in that response before. I had not. It happened today and I hadn’t replied to a CFIForum post in months. I tried two more times to post my reply and got the same screen. I give up. If CFI ever gets the bugs out or uses a decent server, I hope someone lets me know. I’ve been a member for years and I enjoy the discussions but it has become too annoying. It was bad enough when I first joined. It’s worse now that they decided to “fix” it.


What if all the glitchiness is due to attacks by dark forces opposed to free thinking?

LoisL, we miss you.


Good morning Tim, a splendid sleep it was.

Yes the tentacles of the dark forces of our master oligarchs are insidious indeed.



Wait. I thought we were the dark forces. Now I’m confused. I need coffee.

Wow you are not a real person, what kind of mindless scam are you running here. Your face looks an ancient photo on a crumbling plate in a museum. That is so fake. Who are you anyway? What a lame way to get attention.

@christinazzz70, I assume you are looking at Tim’s picture, which I believe is from a museum. He hasn’t been posting much lately, but I’ll ask that you leave it alone. (I am a moderator here, FYI). Maybe you haven’t been on internet forums much. Jokes, sarcasm, strange tales of the paranormal, are pretty common things. They are not anything to get worked up about.

Also, note the date of the posts, they are almost a year old. Probably not something you can expect much engagement on.