I received the following communication this morning though only saw it now - since this morning I felt my own oh shit, CFI is gone, Some of them are friends, where are they now . . . feeling

At some point yesterday CFI stopped working and is still out of commission.

I have no way of contacting any of the members of the forum so I took a chance and typed your name into the Google machine and came here.

Personally it was very cool to have the visit and salvage that contact. But beyond that I often think about how fragile the internet actually is. Yes, tons of back up so it’s all cool, but that all cool also demands a hell of a lot of constant maintenance, people sometimes promise more than they wish they could provide. Just say’n


What kind of redundancy for a community such as ours is there?

(or something like that…)


Well, there is but it’s not at all like this. It could be a secondary place to meet if anything happened to this forum though. Debbie Goddard set up a group related to this site (I think it is at least) here:

There are three other forums I recommend:, and .

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Ya. I tried to get on here and it was down so I racked my brain trying to remember who on here has a blog or web page. I remembered CC had one so searched his name and found his blog. Now that’s a blog worth reading! Kudos to you CC for starting and, more impressive, keeping up, such a great blog. I do promise to find time to take a better look at it some time.

Lausten has a web page too, but CC’s is easy to search by his name.

Does anyone else here have an online presence they aren’t shy about mentioning?

As for other forums, most of the links above are blocked at my work (how lucky you all are that this one isn’t). If this one ever goes down for good, I don’t know that I’d be able to find another one.


Yup, it was good to get your message π!

Does anyone else here have an online presence they aren’t shy about mentioning?
This would be a good place to start that list:




You could just go to my profile and, oh wait, that won’t work if the whole site is down. My blog is This goes back to Christian days and shows me working through the philosophical arguments. It also has the occasional hiking trip or current events commentary. I signed up at the Atheist Nexus since it seemed to be the most CFI branded choice.

I would hate to just lose touch with all of you due to technical issues.

I pretty much live on Twitter


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I’m on Quora, where you can read my stuff but that isn’t a “community” (it doesn’t have forums or groups or anything). But the discussion is (often) deeper and more respectful than here. It’s also HUGE.

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

I JUST started my blog on Medium, but haven’t actually posted anything there yet. Again, this is a place to read stuff, but not actually a “community.”

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

As for a possible alternative to CFI, you’re right … there really is a dearth of online community for atheists/agnostics/freethinkers/atheists.

I just now created a profile on There are forums/groups there, and it’s pretty big:

…because it has forums/discussion groups, and it seems like it would be easy to create one for CFI.

I joined the Freedom From Religion Foundation forum there, mainly because I’m familiar with the organization (FFRF is about 4 miles from my house IRL). The FFRF forum has 385 members, but since I just joined moments ago I don’t know how many are active or what the quality of the discussion is.

Re., it is super unclear what, exactly, it really is. It was originally meant to be a dating site for nonreligious, but when you create your profile, you can choose to say if you are open for dating, or there “for community.”

I joined it in the process of creating my blog, and looking for possible option to replace CFI, not to “meet people.” Glancing through some profiles, I see references to peoples’ spouses & families, so it doesn’t seem like everyone is there for “dating.” But, on dating sites people often say they are there “for community” just to ward off the more creepy folks, when really they are there for dating.

And I have no idea how creepy actually is. Just glancing at profile pics, a lot of them look, well, creepy … and I’m thinking, if y’all are here for dating, that’s the best ya got?? Yipes!!

Also, other than a short bio and a few keywords, there is very little info in profiles …

So, long story short, I may not stay there at all… it depends on if I get “hit on” or creeped out.

If anyone would be interested, I could create a CFI group there in a few days, if I think I will stay. But, I would not do ANY moderating. At all. I’m not in a good place right now.


I wonder if there’s any sort of connection between the resignation of Doug and the outage. Nothing nefarious, just an accident due to a change in routine.

The problem with the list of places we can meet other than here is that the list is on here. I’ll have to copy and save the links somewhere else, because there’s no way I’ll remember them in a few weeks or months.

This place has been around for a long time with no issues, so I don’t anticipate it shutting down without warning.

I wish the forum allowed “likes” (or “agrees” or “upvotes”) and sandwiched/nested commenting. And I wish there were more people. But whateves.

Incidentally, @3point14rat, did you get my direct message yesterday?

Got it Tee. Thanks for the head’s up.

This forum is the only one I use, so I don’t miss any of the bells and whistles the other ones have (other than the ability to block). I don’t use twitter or other social media either.