Losing interest

Before the “big change” I enjoyed this site but it has become so lame I’m seriously considering deleting it from my computer. But that’s how I feel an maybe I am the only one.

What has changed? Sure there was a big change in the format, and that takes getting used to. I’ve seen it happen many times before. But the change hasn’t affected us, the users. We’re still the same people we were before the change. The only difference is that some of us are having trouble getting back into it because of the perceived clumsiness of the format. All we have to do is keep posting, keep getting into it.

I liked the “reply with quote” feature from before. Especially since the requirements for building a quote were specific and I never figured out how to make one with the attribution of who I was quoting. Easier to click that, then edit.

The new blockquote doesn’t even have the option. I haven’t figured out if there is access to any kind of tags or what.

We’re also missing our more prolific interlocutors. I wasted some time on them, but it was entertaining. Titanomachina actually grew out of his worst adolescent phase, which made it worth it. Now we just get woo-woo and Russian jewelry or whatever those are.

It’s true that the new format has shortcomings. I think of some of the conversations we used to have that wouldn’t be possible now. In the old format you could quote a person’s entire post and then respond point by point (if you knew how to use quote tags), at the same time editting out excess verbiage. The way it is now, quote tags don’t seem to work, so you’d have to create a separate post for each separate point you wanted to discuss. The kindest thing you can say about that is that it’s awkward.

And when you first arrive on the forum you’re greeted with that full screen warning to reactivate your old account or log in. And you don’t realize right away that you can just scroll past that. It’s frankly intimidating. There are times when I just want to browse the topics first before I decide whether to log in or not. If I were a new visitor, I might well turn around and leave at that point.

Even so, I hope that in time we’ll get used to these changes in format and learn to work around them.

Forums everywhere seem to be drying up. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking apps have taken over.

You’re not alone, Deros.

I’m one of those who still likes the old online forums. I refuse to join Facebook or Twitter because of their continuing security breaches. CFI Forum was a good forum before they “fixed” it. It had a few glitches that most of us managed to work around. Now it’s just one big glitch. I pine for the good old days. Try https://groups.google.com/group/atheism-vs-christianity

It has been an excellent forum, though it has been suffering from the same problems other online forums suffer from. It could use a few more good posters. Nevertheless, we still have some really good discussions. There are physicists and a mathemetician in the group. An interesting discussion of time is in progress now.

You can get the posts sent by email if you sign up for it. That’s how I get mine. You can also read and post online.





Facebook is probably still heavily infiltrated with russian and alt right influence trolls who use tactics including those like Cambridge Analytica’s to spread chaos and disinformation. I used to joke that Facebook is the anti-Christ. But, now, if I were religious, I might take that joke more seriously.

Anyway, could CFI do some advertising or marketing to attract a greater number of participants who might actually have some active and interesting participation?

I’ve only just arrived here, so I have no idea what the previous forum looked like.

I’m not even sure what my expectations are but I was attracted by the nane CFI. Sounds more than interesting. I’m a very curious person too!

I guess I’m hoping to find some like minded people in here.

I’ll hang around for a while and share a little about myself at a later date.

I don’t use, and never have used FB or twitter.

Thanks for having me.

Ranter. (female)

Ooooops. My first post has been posted in the wrong place. Lol

I’m not even sure what my expectations are

We keep expectations low. Less disappointment that way

That’s one of my mantras. Expect little and if its a lot, that’s a bonus ?