GOP's war on American Elections - Arizona gets the gold star

They really are at war . . .

Sam Levine in New York Thu 28 Jan 2021 10.00 EST


After an election filled with misinformation and lies about fraud, Republicans have doubled down with a surge of bills to further restrict voting access in recent months, according to a new analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice.

There are currently 106 pending bills across 28 states that would restrict access to voting, according to the data. That’s a sharp increase from nearly a year ago, when there were 35 restrictive bills pending across 15 states.

Among the Brennan Center’s findings:

More than a third of the bills would place new restrictions on voting by mail

Pennsylvania has 14 pending proposals for new voter restrictions, the most in the country. It’s followed by New Hampshire (11), Missouri (9), and Mississippi, New Jersey and Texas (8)

There are seven bills across four states that would limit opportunities for election day registration

There are also 406 bills that would expand voting access pending across 35 states, including in New York (56), Texas (53), New Jersey (37), Mississippi (39) and Missouri (21)

The restrictions come on the heels of an election in which there was record turnout and Democrat and Republican election officials alike said there was no evidence of widespread wrongdoing or fraud. There were recounts, audits and lawsuits across many states to back up those assurances. Federal and state officials called the election “the most secure in American history”.



By Howard Fischer Twitter: @azcapmedia,209619

Bill could allow legislature to overturn elections

PHOENIX — A second-term Republican lawmaker wants to allow the Arizona Legislature to overturn the results of a presidential election, even after the count was formally certified by the governor and secretary of state — and even after Congress counted the state’s electors.

The proposal of Rep. Shawnna Bolick of Phoenix contains a series of provisions designed to make it easier for those unhappy with elections to go to court. That would include allowing challengers to demand a jury trial and, more to the point, barring a trial judge or an appellate court from throwing out the case, even for lack of evidence, before the jurors get to rule.

That actually would affect the rules of court procedures that are set up and overseen by the Arizona Supreme Court, on which her husband, Clint, serves. …

It’s crazy shit, out and out totalitarians.

I’ve never seen anything in my lifetime like what happened January 6. It is so unbelievable. I can’t believe that many people (and more) can get that upset about an election and believe a carpetbagger’s lies about it. The dotard didn’t win anything, except in his own little fantasy world. Everything that has happened this past month is very unbelievable, concerning our elections. Crap like that doesn’t happen in U.S. elections, yet it did and what those people didn’t realize is that insurrection is illegal and now they are paying for disrupting democracy and the dotard should be paying too.

I’m not sure how Arizona gets a gold star, except they don’t have a Posh Pawley. Posh Pawley of Missouri, needs to resign due to his Klan/Nazi behaviour. Glad I didn’t vote for the Nazi/Klansman.

Yeah, and they are just getting warmed up.

For a party that rails 'cancel culture' they sure are canceling people

CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses “cancel culture” in the GOP following Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) traveled to Wyoming to rally against Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in her home state.



For a party that rails ‘cancel culture’ they sure are canceling people
And South Carolina legislature censured GOPer Rice for voting to impeach trump
They really are at war . . .
They're playing the same game as they have been with abortion.

Since they can’t make it illegal, they sure can make it hard as hell / nearly impossible.

They are having a war of power. They’re war is to get and stay in power, ruling with an iron hand. The thing is, most of them are Boomers and the rest are a few brainwashed Gen X’ers and a small amount of brainwashed Millennials, and almost all of them are racists domestic terrorist groups.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

You have the Burn Loot Murder bunch and we have good old boys.

I will say again, we need rules which will force us to come together before we act on our issues. We have seen, and are seeing, that when we don’t have such rules and don’t employ them one side, and then the other, becomes permanently alienated.

“50% plus one” democracy is tyranny of the majority. It institutionalizes division and prohibits unity. There should be nothing we want to do that is so important that we would sacrifice unity to achieve it. Better to not act and maintain unity than to act and reap division. A house divided will not stand.

Oh course, he’ll never discussion the organized highly funded and incredibly loud brainwashing campaigns of stupification build on demonstrable lies.

As for the burn and loot and murder bunch.

You mean like this guy


One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

You have the Burn Loot Murder bunch and we have good old boys.

Oh, so the KKK and other racists groups are your Freedom Fighters? Now we know who and what you are.

BLM won a Peace Prize, what have your “Good Ol’ Boys” won? Nothing. Absolutely nothing… except maybe prison time.

I will say again, we need rules which will force us to come together before we act on our issues.

I’m like Star Fleet, I don’t negotiate with terrorists.