New twist on the election fraud conspiracy

Just when I thought the election fraud conspiracy was dead, I ran into this one

The evolution of Trump’s Big Lie: Republicans retool their conspiracy theory for the mainstream |

The two people who introduced me to it just couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard this, and once they told me, they were even more flabbergasted that I didn’t accept their conclusion, based on a few slim facts. They were Republicans in Madison, WI, and watched with horror as a couple of non-profits set up in public parks and started registering people to vote. This somehow proved private money was colluding with government entities to rig the election. It was tough to debunk in the moment because I couldn’t find what the problem was.

The worst possible thing that could be happening is someone has stretched the rules of 501(c)3. But if that’s so, a judge could and would have looked into it. I guess since they haven’t, that proves the collusion, at the highest levels. It’s some weird twist, that if they can’t find anyone illegally voting, they’ll claim that legal voters are somehow being encouraged to vote in an illegal manner.

So the election was rigged by making it easier for people to vote.

From what I read and understand, at least most, if not all of the effort was in assistance and help,
and not about changing laws - which is the GOPers tactics to impede voting.

This one is a thorough review. It gets to some laws that are being changed later on. I haven’t finished reading it yet

Won’t hear this from the Dems!!

After months of investigation, House select committee members publicly laid out their case that Mark Meadows was an accessory to the insurrection. President Donald Trump didn’t listen to his son or media enablers to stop the riot. CNN’s Whitney Wild reports. #CNN #News

So why have they been back peddling? Forked tongued liars.

That’s a big part of the problem of democracy nowadays.

Facts are facts. If the fact is true, whoever tells it must be listened to. As long as people prefer lies to unpalatable truths, noting will be gained by anyone and mad men will prosper.

More concerned with popularity/ratings and money over their own country.

Like Alex Jones said he’s just a character and actor, and shouldn’t be held responsible for the lies he spreads.

But it is slowly answering my question of “Do these people really believe the $#!+ they’re spewing?”

If by “they”, you mean the family and the leaders, that can be hard to prove. If you mean millions of voters, yes they do

Oh, nice!

“Well it’s disappointing and unfortunately not surprising that some of the very same individuals who are willing to warn, condemn and express horror over what happened on January 6 in private were totally silent in public,” Psaki said during a press briefing.

“Or, even worse, were spreading lies and conspiracy theories and continue to since that time. So, disappointing, not surprising, unfortunately we’ve seen a trend from some of the same individuals,” she added.

A little different from “Largest Crowd Ever! PERIOD!!”